Core modules 1 & 2

Organisational Behaviour

The aim of this module is for you to develop a broad understanding of the behaviour of individuals and groups within organisations, their contribution to business success and apply this understanding to the management of people and organisations across cultures.

Learning outcomes

  • The nature of organisational behaviour
  • Individual processes: perception, motivation and learning
  • Individual differences
  • Social interaction and group dynamics
  • The organisational context: structure and culture
  • The organisation and the environment: the systems view of organisation
  • National culture
  • Organising chaos in organisations
  • The bureaucratic phenomenon
  • Leadership, power and change
  • Organisational justice.

Strategic Leadership

Develop your ability to develop and execute better strategy. This moudule focusses on strategic decision-making and the long term successful direction of the organisation. Learn how to take the perspective of the general manager who is responsible for a whole unit.

Learning outcomes

  • What is our “strategy”?
  • How can the characteristics of an industry be assessed and how do they contribute to determine companies’ profitability?
  • What is competitive advantage and how can it be achieved?
  • How can competitive advantage be sustained over time?