Core modules 10 & 11

Business Economics

A practical understanding of the tools and language used by economists to analyse individual and organisational behavior (microeconomics), and the functioning of economies and networks of economies as a whole (macroeconomics). This in turn is intended to give you an appreciation of the relevance to business of economic thinking, news about the economy, and high-level policy debates.

Learning outcomes:

  • Develop practical and analytical skills to examine cost and production concepts in different market structures
  • Make informed and critical judgments about commentary and analysis written by professional economists
  • Understand why different countries are at different stages of economic development
  • Understand how the ethical, moral and legal/ regulatory norms of a society affect the way individuals, firms and markets make economic decisions.

Marketing Strategy

Designed to integrate the marketing functions with the strategy concepts of planning, implementation, and control. This module builds on the Principles of Marketing module, and focuses on managerial issues in marketing, such as marketing accountability, marketing implementation, and marketing organisation.

Learning outcomes:

  • The Marketing Plan
  • Market Analysis
  • The PLC
  • Portfolio models
  • The Marketing Audit
  • Strategies for New Markets
  • Diffusion of innovation
  • Strategies for Market Leaders.