Core modules 13 & 14

Corporate Finance

Building on the knowledge from the Financial Markets and Instruments module, you will focus on investment and financing decisions. This again helps if you want to specialise in Finance during your electives.

Learning outcomes:

  • Know and understand basic milestones of finance and major concepts of investment and financing
  • Efficient Capital Markets
  • Dividend Policy
  • Debt Policy
  • Options and option pricing theory
  • Risk Management and derivatives.

Corporate Strategy

Discuss central themes in corporate strategy and management, with a particular focus on the intangible resources (culture, identity, brand and reputation) that affect value creation and hold together large multi-business corporations. These resources are fundamental cornerstones of the competitive advantage of large corporations and central concerns for corporate leaders.

Learning outcomes:

  • Corporate strategy (horizontal diversification, vertical integration, managing a business portfolio, corporate management)
  • Corporate reputation (formation, measurement and management)
  • Organisational culture (formation, measurement and management)
  • Managing corporate change (visioning and identity management).