Core modules 8 & 9

Human Resource Management

The Human Resource Management module aims to stimulate thinking and understanding about the management of people in an organisational context.  The focus is on specific human resource management practices and policies, their effectiveness as well as skills necessary for their implementation.  The course is designed for line managers and it is not intended to meet the detailed technical requirements of full-time HR professionals.

Learning outcomes:

On successful completion of this module, you will be expected to be able understand and have skills in:

  • Introduction to HRM: best-practices, best-fit and stakeholder approaches
  • Recruitment and selection
  • Talent and career management
  • Performance management: appraisals & pay/rewards
  • Work-life balance and employee well-being

Principles of Marketing

Exposes you to both traditional (and still powerful – ideas), and to newer techniques and concepts. Demonstrates the usefulness of marketing knowledge and concepts in analysing and developing markets and products within the context of the whole business operation. Shows how marketers need to be aware of their responsibilities to customers more than shareholders and the ethics of their campaigns.

Learning outcomes:

  • What marketing is and is not; its status as a discipline.  Scope and new directions. The new Marketing. Marketing ethical code of conduct.
  • Consumer behaviour
  • New method in the collection and analysis of marketing information
  • Creating a value proposition; features and benefits
  • Communicating in a digital age; Ethical Standards of the Advertising Standards Authority.