Executive MBA Corporate Sponsorship

Sponsoring one (or more) of your most able managers on the Bayes Executive MBA will bring substantial benefits to your organisation. We understand that it is a considerable investment to make, but the business advantages will become evident almost immediately.

How do organisations benefit?

  • Our academics maintain strong links with industry and bring academic as well as commercial credentials into the classroom.
  • Your employees will benefit from a business-fuelled EMBA programme that carefully balances theoretical knowledge with practical application and the business curriculum.
  • Students will be able to tailor their study programme to match your organisation's specific business needs.
  • Your company will gain expertise in increasingly crucial areas such as leadership, organisational entrepreneurship and change management.
  • You will benefit from the new ideas, experiences and best practices of multiple sectors via your employee's contact with tutors, visiting lecturers and fellow students from a leading business school and a wide range of business backgrounds.
  • Search our Bayes Experts database for more details about our academic staff and their areas of expertise.

Immediate return on investment

Bayes' pragmatic, hands-on approach enables students to apply their newly-acquired knowledge to the workplace immediately. With their enhanced effectiveness, analytical skills and adaptability they will be able to effectively contribute new strategies which improve your company's business practices.

Strengthening your company's leadership talent

By supporting your employee's development, you will be strengthening your organisation's leadership skills and retaining your most talented employees. Your investment will promote excellence, innovation and loyalty amongst your workforce as well as save you time and resources in replacing and training new staff.

Transferring leading edge thinking and knowledge to the organisation

A Bayes Executive MBA will give your employee access to the powerful expertise and insights generated by the faculty of a leading business school. Students will have the opportunity to network with the world's leading business experts in the Middle East and internationally which will allow them and you to tap into exceptional knowledge and resources. This continual input of new ideas and skills can prove invaluable for any company.

All students will undertake a tailored programme of electives, choosing which subjects to specialise in. The elective choices can therefore be tailored to address specific business needs, enabling the latest management thinking to be applied to relevant issues in your workplace. The final part of the course is the Business Mastery Project, a significant piece of work which can also address and make recommendations regarding an issue facing your organisation.

The strong majority of students perform very well both in class as well as at work whilst undertaking the MBA. The feedback from employers is that they are very happy with the outcome of their employees taking the course and we have supporting evidence if necessary.