The Clélia Haji-Ioannou Scholarship

About the Scholarship

The Clélia Haji-Ioannou Scholarship was established in 2019 by Clélia Haji-Ioannou and is given in honour of academic excellence, demonstration of financial need, and promise of continued growth. Ms Clélia Haji-Ioannou provides two scholarships to the value of £10,000 each to be offset against tuition fees. Since 2019, we have had two Scholars with a total donation of £20,000 pounds.


Eligible courses: MSc Shipping, Trade and Finance

Geographical requirements: None

Academic requirements: Must be able to provide academic excellence.

Financial need: Must be able to demonstrate financial need.

Selection process

  • Applications open in January 2021 and are accepted until the deadline.
  • Shortlisted applicants may be contacted for an interview or to supply further information.
  • Deadline: 20 May 2021
  • Decisions will be made over the summer, and applicants will be informed of the decision by email.


Please note that in order to be considered for this scholarship you must have accepted, and paid the deposit for, a conditional or unconditional offer.

Apply for the Clélia Haji-Ioannou Scholarship

About the Donor

Clelia Haji-Ioannou was born in 1970 in Athens. She is a graduate of City, University of London  where she studied Banking and International Finance (Grad. 1991).  She also followed courses in the History of Art and Psychology. Very clever and active, she entered her father’s business early on, having inherited the business acumen of her father, she handles shipping and banking matters with great success.

From 1992 and until 2000 she was a member of the board of directors of the European Laiki Bank a subsidiary of the Laiki Bank of Cyprus. She is also a shareholder in easyJet. Clelia is President of the “Loucas Haji-Ioannou Foundation”, which was founded in 1997 and which her father endowed with 10 million dollars, with the aim to provide scholarships for Cypriot students in financial need and grants to Greece for the purposes of research and the treatment of heart diseases.  She is also a member of the board of directors of CYMERA (Cyprus Maritime Environment Protection Association).

She spends time enriching the “Clelia Haji-Ioannou Art Gallery” which she started many years ago and is housed in the Trikoupis Tower, which she owns, in Kifissia. The tower was built in 1866 by the Danish architect Hansen, who built Athens University. The historic tower, which was magnificently restored after long and carefully work and at considerable cost, is today a wonderful building. The interior adorned with fine antiques, furniture and crystal chandeliers, all displayed in accordance with the owner’s excellent taste. Her gallery includes works by famous Greek and foreign artists, such as Picasso Andy Warhol, Tsarouchis, the portrait of Clelia by the well-known artist Fassianos, sculptures by Dali etc.

In May 2006 the “Clelia Haji-Ioannou Foundation” came into being. It is housed in her art gallery and aims to help people who desire to do postgraduate work in medicine, psychology, history of art, law, philosophy, computer science, business management, economics and shipping but are unable to do so because of financial problems.

Clelia played a leading role in the “Collection for the Children of Bosnia” raising a large sum of money for sending medicine, food and clothing to the refugee camps. Furthermore, as soon as she heard of the huge destruction caused by the fires in Greece in the summer of 2007, Clelia was deeply moved and immediately donated the sum of 5 million euros to the fund for the relief of the victims. She has also donated the sum of 250.000 pounds for the creation of the rehabilitation center “Ayia Skepi”, at Filani in Cyprus, which aims at the self-cure and rehabilitation of former drug addicts. Clelia in the last 5 years has paid the annual taxes to the “Smile of the Child”, a nonprofit organization that supports the poor children in Greece. Finally, in 2020 she donated 1 million euros to the Greek State to support the means of the Greek hospitals against Covid-19.