Excel preparation

We have put together a excel course which will get you ready for the start of your MSc course. Please go through this before you arrive at Bayes Business School.


All MSc programmes at Bayes involve extensive use of IT through online materials, exercises and course work. Each student is therefore expected to be computer literate and be able to use packages such as Microsoft Office especially the data analysis spreadsheets. To level the playing field we provide computing skills refresher materials that are made available before the start of the first term in September.

This material is presented in the form of self assessment online exercises so that each candidate can work through on their own. There will also be a weekly face to face session to cover the Excel Induction computing skills induction exercises. These sessions will be offered on a drop-in basis throughout the first term only.

The key objective of this induction module is to provide each student with a check list of minimum excel data analysis skills that are essential before commencing an MSc programme at Bayes. These basic skills include:

  • Functions and Keyboard skills
  • Inputting formulas and functions
  • Financial mathematics
  • Time value of money
  • Project appraisal techniques
  • Sensitivity analysis
  • Regular payments e.g. annuities
  • Optimisation
  • Asset pricing and valuation
  • Descriptive statistics
  • Creating Charts
  • Statistical distributions
  • Hypothesis testing
  • Basic econometric analysis e.g regression model
  • Macros e.g. Visual basic
  • Core Functions (i) Logical (ii) Maths & Trig (iii) Statistical (Iv) Financial

This material given below contains a brief introduction to each of these concepts and also provides exercises to enable you to practice how to solve these using excel functions.

You are strongly encouraged to attempt these exercises before the induction week. Should you need further clarification or help please feel free to contact your instructor Oliver Manyemba by email.

On campus sessions

You should work through all of the above material. Once completed, if you feel you would still like to attend an in-person session please sign up below.

You will need to use the password: moorgate
(all lower case)

*Students on the MSc in Management and the MSc in Global Supply Chain have compulsory intermediate sessions included in their induction timetable so please only sign up for the advanced sessions if you wish.