Cultural and life immersion in London

Hello! My name is Trishla and I am currently studying MSc Actuarial Management at Bayes Business School and living in this exhilarating city, full of diverse experiences and perspectives. I am from Mumbai, India and I moved to London in the first week of September to pursue my master’s in actuarial management at Bayes. I wanted to share with you my journey so far...

Why did you choose your course?

My decision to pursue a master’s degree in actuarial management at Bayes Business School was for 3 reasons:

1) It was my lifelong dream to study in a different country and London, being such a diverse city, provided me with an opportunity to interact with people from all over the world and to be a part of a very talented classroom.

2) Getting a master's degree and simultaneously getting higher series exemptions from Institute and Faculty of Actuaries made my decision to pursue a masters at Bayes easier. Having a location in the centre of the city would additionally be an excellent opportunity to get industry exposure from experienced professionals.

3) I wanted to gain an all-round life experience and moving to London and living alone and exploring the city has given me a new independence and outlook on perseverance and balancing different aspects of my life.

Beginning at Bayes

I will not sugar-coat my adventure so far and while the recent couple of weeks has been delightfully fulfilling, the first week was a little challenging. This was my first experience of living alone and that looked scary, too scary!

My first week in London was pretty chaotic; setting up my room, exploring the neighbourhood, getting ready for my induction program, and being terribly homesick and going through all these physical and mental changes alone.

But, as time passed and, as our lectures started to go ahead in full speed, I found myself having a busy routine and having to adhere to a schedule, albeit an extremely flexible one. Living here then started to give me purpose, an inspiration to work and, to enjoy my free time too. I started to be optimistic, to actively try and make my life a bit easier, and at the same time, to push my personal and academic boundaries to explore the city and engage in new hobbies that excited and scared me, at the same time.

This process isn’t a one-click button on our head, it requires time, patience and a willingness to be a different version of our self and to push our limits to be who we want to be.

During the induction, Professor Andre Spicer, Dean, Bayes Business School said something that instantly resonated with me. He said that at Bayes, we are not Sharks (referencing the show Shark Tank where entrepreneurs present their business to a panel of Sharks – investors amid intense competition). He reinforced that we are dolphins, we lift each other, we help each other out in our weaknesses and we become successful together. I still remember this and how it made me feel like I’d become part of a supportive community.

The lecturers are really knowledgeable and reciprocated discussion, questions from my peers and most importantly, the group assignments were a place to effectively brainstorm, listen, shortlist and mutually make decisions together. No one was left out.

Attending the fresher’s fair was a thrilling experience with the liveliest vibe I have encountered. It was a perfect opportunity to finally meet people having the same professional interests and personal hobbies as mine and making that bold step to join a society; whether it is auditioning to be an actor in the drama society, joining the dance society to finally learn some moves or joining the ski society because it sounded intrepid and adventurous.

You name it, and they have a society, full of people as passionate about the cause, as you are.

Life in London

London is a marvellous city, just walking every day to the school is a spectacle, with tall corporate buildings, tons of supermarkets, bars and people just having a good time, at all times. I went on the London Bus tour, organized by the Bayes Business School in September and we visited many tourist places, my highlight being the majestic Buckingham Palace.

I even visited Hyde Park during the Royal Parks Half Marathon 2022 for the Cancer Research UK. It was an energetic atmosphere as hundreds took part in this half marathon and many bystanders, including me cheered the racers through the park.

Exploring the city was a pleasant delight, I realized that London has a lot to offer, whatever your preferences or interests or lifestyle, you are bound to find your tribe here, you just have to look.

I am excited to finally witness the famous London Christmas and speak my way through December with the Bayes Toastmasters Club with their optimistic vibes and improving my public speaking skills with the members while preparing for the exams.

Trishla by Tower Bridge

Advice to future students...

Be open to change, new experiences and new perspectives. London has a lot to offer, but you need to be willing to look for it. Whether it is meeting likeminded people sharing same interests or exploring areas of the city that fascinates you. Bayes Business School is not just about studying alone.

As a student at Bayes, you are expected to effectively collaborate on assignments, participate in class, study for your exams, and be a part of an intense master’s programme, that can sometimes get overwhelming. My advice is to make a rigorous schedule and stick to it, plan your life around your studies but also join a society or two that makes you feel valued and where you learn a skill, treat yourself to a party or two or whatever makes you happy, once in a while. Do not forget your priorities and learn to compromise a lot.

And lastly, check Moodle (lifesaver for Bayes students) regularly.

If you plan well, at Bayes and in London, you can have it all!