Introducing the Chartered Banker Institute

At Bayes, our MSc in Banking and International Finance is accredited by the Chartered Banker Institute, which is recognised and supported by major banking organisations around the world. So, what does this mean for our students? We spoke to the Chartered Banker Institute to find out…

Who is the Chartered Banker Institute?

The Chartered Banker Institute is the oldest professional banking institute in the world. Formed in 1875, it is the only institute - authorised by Royal Charter - to award the prestigious ‘Chartered Banker’ designation. With more than 33,000 members in over 100 countries across 1,000 financial institutions, and mutual collaborations with more than 50 professional and academic organisations globally, Chartered Banker is recognised worldwide as the gold standard professional achievement.

The Institute has driven an agenda of ethical professionalism throughout its existence; promoting professional standards for bankers, providing professional qualifications, and offering professional membership to qualified individuals. Our strong heritage brings a wealth of knowledge and experience, and it continues to evolve in line with its core principles; to enhance and sustain the highest standards of responsible and sustainable banking.

What does Accreditation Mean?

The Chartered Banker Institute collaborates with highly esteemed universities who meet their Centre of Excellence criteria.  This collaboration enables graduating students to benefit from the dual award of their degree plus the prestigious ‘Chartered Banker’ designation, promoting the visibility and transferability of their achievement.

Bayes Business School is a Chartered Banker Institute Centre of Excellence and the MSc in Banking and International Finance has been approved as a Chartered Banker Institute accredited programme, confirming its status as meeting internationally recognised standards of best practice, and providing eligibility for graduating students to apply to refer to themselves as Chartered Bankers.

Professional Recognition

The Chartered Banker designation is synonymous with high professional status and competence, so highly valued by practitioners, colleagues and customers. It is an indication that you are committed to keeping your knowledge and skills up to date on an ongoing basis and that you are committed to socially purposeful, ethical and responsible conduct.

Individuals who complete the MSc in Banking and International Finance become eligible to apply for Chartered Banker status by applying for membership with the Chartered Banker Institute.

Membership involves making a commitment to undertake annual continuing professional development and adhere to a code of professional conduct. Members benefit from a wide range of professional networking and continuing professional development opportunities through the Institute – providing an excellent link between their academic studies and access to the industry.

Individuals who become entitled to add the professional designation Chartered Banker, can also use the letters MCBI, standing for Member of the Chartered Banker Institute - which indicates the senior level of membership held with the Institute.

This combination of qualification and professional designation elevates your CV and enhances future career prospects.

Benefits of Membership

Membership forms a solid base for a successful career in banking and financial services. Members are provided with trusted resources and exceptional opportunities for networking, progression and professional development, including over 500 hours of short courses and CPD materials, a Knowledge Hub searchable library of resources, events, podcasts, research and thought-leadership pieces, a mentoring platform and opportunities to get involved and raise your business profile.


When we think about ‘Future Bankers’ we not only reflect on the changing nature of the profession in the digital era, but also reflect on the skills, expertise and professional judgement that will be required by bankers of the future. We believe that highly qualified, knowledgeable, skilled, dedicated, customer-focused banking professionals will shape the future of banking, as much as the new technologies that are transforming the financial services industry.

At a time when banks and banking are being shaped by new technology, future generations of banking leaders need to develop their professional expertise in a wider range of fields than ever before, including banking, technology, management and leadership.

Competition for talent is rising, and the MSc in Banking and International Finance will help future leaders – and many more – develop and demonstrate the knowledge and skills needed to shape the future of banking.  We are, therefore, delighted to accredit the programme and look forward to welcoming those who successfully complete it to our rapidly growing, global family of Chartered Bankers.

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