Zhengyan Zhang

"The knowledge I studied here and the project I completed during the course gave me a deep and thorough understanding of supply chain management."

Country of origin: China
Programme: MSc Global Supply Chain Management
Graduation year: January 2020

What master’s did you study at the Business School (formerly Cass)?

Before I joined the Business School (formerly Cass), I did my undergraduate as a 2+2 student, studied for two years in Suzhou, and two years in Liverpool. I have explored different topics within business and economy. I took an internship in a logistics company in China. After that, I found supply chain is really attracts me by the characteristic of dynamic. The supply chain will let you face different problems every day and liaise with different functions. I like working with different people and learning from others and I knew a career in supply chain management would give me an excellent chance to achieve this.

The first thing is I really wanted to find was a business school in London, as everyone loves London. The second thing that was that I was looking for a specific supply chain course, so the MSc Global Supply Chain Management seemed like a great option.

The programme

Our class was really small compared to other master’s programmes. We had a lot of opportunities to communicate with both professor and classmates, so we all knew each other very well. I enjoyed the time we had to complete the coursework as a team, and to hang out with new friends. I really miss those memorable moments.

My favourite class was the Supply Chain module with Dr Son Byung-Gak and the Supply Chain Analytics module with Dr Dimitris Paraskevopoulos. Both classes are memorable and very interactive.

And Dr Dimitris Paraskevopoulos is also my professor for the dissertation. During those 3 months, he gave me a lot of advice and support, which helped me overcome those difficult times on my research project. He always told me ‘try your best to give new ideas and never stop’.

My current job

I work in a start-up company called Branch Furniture as an Operation Analyst. The company is in the office furniture industry with their headquarters in New York. My main duty is do inventory management and forecasting. I need to facilitate cross-functional communication and decision making.

My primary role involves demand planning and inventory management. I completed my master’s dissertation working with Unilever to provide some recommendations to their inventory management, so this has really helped me in my current job. When I did the interview, my manager was super interested the project I had done in my master’s at the Business School. The knowledge I studied here and the project I completed during the course gave me a deep and thorough understanding of supply chain management.

If you’re looking to study the MSc Global Supply Chain Management, my advice would be to become actively involved in the class and start your coursework and review exam early - don’t wait until the last minute!

Most importantly, enjoy your time in London and the Business School. It will be a memorable time for your life. For me, it was a really incredible experience to study at the Business School and I met a bunch of good friends.