Luca Neil Treskatsch

"The university is not afraid of re-writing the script - lectures are strategically updated to fit in line with the newest trends and technological advancements."

Country of origin:  Germany
MSc course:  MSc Energy, Trade and Finance
Graduation year:  2020

What motivated you to study Energy, Trade and Finance at Bayes Business School?

Back in 2019, a rare selection of courses offered me the prospect to study renewable energy interconnected with finance. Nevertheless, when opting for a course entirely focused on Climate Change Finance, I stopped and pondered, “If we have comprehended the threats inflicted on us by climate change, why do we still utilise fossil fuels every day?”.

This moment stuck with me and changed my view on exploring a path that lectures you on the entirety of the energy mix. To fully understand the difficulty in the renewable energy transition, we must first gather knowledge of how reliant we have become on oil fuelling our daily lives.

A student of the MSc in Energy, Trade and Finance at Bayes is well prepared to embark on a journey in the energy industry, with a unique set of talents & an eye for detail ready for the world of tomorrow.

The experience of studying at Bayes has been a great privilege to me. Foremost, the multi-cultural connections you gather during the one-year set the tone of what London holds to offer. Bayes has a very independent way of teaching its students and trained us well for a professional working environment.

The university is not afraid of re-writing the script - lectures are strategically updated to fit in line with the newest trends and technological advancements.

At the start of my post-graduate degree, we were solely a maximum of three people that aimed to set foot into the renewable energy world. Nevertheless, after my graduation, the perception of forthcoming students has adjusted quite fast.

Today the course has incorporated more teaching involving Green Finance, Sustainable Investing and Shipping, alternative sources of energy and electric vehicles (EVs).

How did the Bayes impact your career goals?

Having worked as a Green Analyst (at a Venture Capital and Private Equity company), Financial controller (at a Climate-Tech venture), I am now functioning as a Financial Analyst at the solar energy scale-up Solivus.

Solivus is on a mission to power mega-buildings and homes with clean energy generated on-site using new thin-film solar, overcoming weight and aesthetic challenges.

Solivus have a growing pre-order queue for the patented Solivus Arc and have completed installations on commercial roofs, stadiums, and airports.

My career objectives have consistently compassed me towards joining a start-up. Here the MSc equips you with a wide range of tools and skillsets highly desired by newly built ventures.

The extensive one-year degree suits the fast-paced environment remarkably well.

What advice would you have for students considering MSc Energy, Trade and Finance?

With my curiosity in Green Finance and Climate-Tech in 2019/20, I would advise students to discover a niche they want to explore during their studies, as it might become the next big thing!

Today is an exceptional time to be part of the energy sector and witness its rapid green transition.

Make the most out of the studies you will undergo and read a lot.

London withholds many eco-systems of interests and is the ‘Green Hub of the world’.