Kseniia Fesenko

Kseniia Fesenko

Kseniia Fesenko

  • MSc course: Insurance and Risk Management
  • Graduation year: 2022

Why did you choose Bayes Business School to study MSc Insurance and Risk Management?

During my undergraduate degree I gained fundamental knowledge of the insurance industry and risk management processes, which I realised was a main area of my interest. Therefore, I decided to complete MSc Insurance and Risk Management at Bayes Business School. The course provided me with practical knowledge of the market in London and worldwide, which lead to a job offer in the Insurance software company.

How did you find the course?

I enjoyed learning the base knowledge about every part of the insurance and risk management business, which gave me a great introduction to the Insurance world and how it operates from the inside. What I liked the most is that the programme was not just focused on the theory, but we had a lot of practical knowledge and assignments. This is a very specific degree which I believe was insightful for both students with experience and without.

Can you tell us a bit about the Association of Risk Managers in Industry and Commerce (Airmic) conference?

I was lucky enough to be selected as a representative of Bayes Business School and the MSc Insurance and Risk Management. The Airmic conference is one of the biggest events for everyone who has a responsibility for risk management or insurance in their organisation. Around sixty companies including Insurance Brokers, Claims Providers, Insurance Service Providers, Insurers/Reinsurers, Legal Providers, Risk Management Services Providers and Media were presented in the exhibition hall in Liverpool. Most of the international insurance and risk management services are purchased by these businesses in the UK.

The programme is very intense and there are always multiple sessions going on at the same time, therefore it is better to decide in advance what sessions to attend as they could be full. My main intention was to meet as many as possible people from the industry and built a network in various companies as it is crucial for the insurance business either if you are already working or looking for a job. Alongside networking, I wanted to learn more about hot topics in the industry, which are covered during sessions and panels. Those sessions gave me a picture of the main issues in insurance & risk management and were a great source for me choosing my Business Research Project topic as well.

What advice would you have for students considering MSc Insurance and Risk Management?

My main advice would be to stay active, attend as many as possible events including Bayes events, join Airmic, build a strong network and never be afraid to ask questions.