Aishwarya Vinny

Aishwarya Vinny

Aishwarya Vinny

  • MSc course: Insurance and Risk Management
  • Graduation year: 2022

What motivated you to study MSc Insurance and Risk Management at Bayes Business School?

Prior to starting my journey with Bayes, I worked in commercial insurance underwriting with Zurich Dubai. The insurance field and London market rapidly garnered my intrigue, leading to my pursual of this programme when the decision for higher studies approached.

What did you enjoy most about the course?

It’s rare at any point in your working life to have a community where everyone is there with a common goal. While the academic aspect of the course was invigorating, I think what I enjoyed most about the programme was that I had a fairly organically formed network of people who had a genuine and deliberate drive towards insurance and risk management. It seemed as though, regardless of the stage of their careers at which our course mates had found themselves going for the course, there was a sense of respect, equality and comradery that allowed us to bounce ideas off each other and become better students and professionals.

How did you benefit from The Lockton-Bayes Partnership?

The Lockton-Bayes partnership incepted the year that I joined Bayes, allowing us to partner with the renowned broker during our final term Business Research Project, which would ultimately be published as a Lockton whitepaper as well. It helped us keep in tune with topics of interest in the current insurance market while holding our work to a professional, as well as academic, standard. During the course of the research, we had regular contact points with both our course director and the Lockton research representative, sharing updates and charting a path for the final product, providing support both academically as well as with access to professional resources and contacts.

As with all projects, it helps to get more eyes and perspective on the given topic – simply by virtue of there being more hands-on deck on the partnership, there was the assurance of valuable input from sources that do research on a professional level. The regularity of the contact points also encouraged a sense of accountability, which made a huge difference. The participation in the partnership made the entire BRP experience more wholesome and comfortable and gave me a greater sense of confidence and interest in the topic and research.

What advice would you have for students considering studying their master’s at Bayes Business School?

I approached the course with a more generalist perspective mainly because once you’re in the industry, the natural way to go is to specialise and often that decision gets made before you even realise it – so the master’s degree is one of rare opportunities to broaden your horizons and tap into subjects that you probably wouldn’t get a taste of otherwise.