PhD candidates research topics

Executive PhD students undertake research that addresses a broad range of management and finance topics. Please see below for a list of students and their research projects organised by cohort.

2020 Cohort

Nathan Michael Keilholz

  • Rapid MedTech Technological Boom and Developing Markets: Transforming Strategies and Business Models to Accelerate the Trajectory of Healthcare

Peter Osei-Amoako

  • The funding of cocoa bean purchases by Ghana Cocoa Board (CocoBod) versus the aspirations and development of Ghana

Raji Khoury

  • Interaction between Banking Crises and Fixed Exchange Rate regimes: Lessons from the US 1930s & the Greek Crisis of 2010

Marcello Forcellini

  • The impact of the economic cycle to the quality of credit in retail banking

Veronika Voinovian

  • Merging Professional Service Firms: How Complexity Perspective Helps to Overcome the Challenge of Cultural Integration After Cross-border M&A

Jihad Srage

  • The Industrial Digital Divide: How using a rational technology strategy can bridge the gap between mega-companies and small businesses

Stefano Di Colli

  • Essays in Quantitative Finance

Fabio Henrique Fukuda

  • Assessment and application of artificial intelligence and machine learning in human resources management: A human-centered approach and framework

Yoko Dochi

  • Toyota Way or SoftBank Vision? Making of an excellent company in modern stakeholder capitalism of Japan

Sayed Mohammed Naser

  • Islamic Finance: Challenges to Opportunities

Huiming Chen

  • Self-identity’s Evolution and its Implications on Management Behaviours for Globally Mobile Elite Professionals

Nathanai Suphabanpot

  • Intercorrelation between compliance risk, financial crime risk and banks’ performance

Aysel Bandad

  • The Impact of External Shocks on Macroeconomic Environment in Azerbaijan: How to Alleviate shocks and Sustain Economic Growth

Alberto Maria Ghezzi

  • The Difference between Acquisition and Control Premia since the Seventh Merger Wave. Current Market Estimates and Regional and Industry Determinants

Yoongu Chung

  • The transformation of shipping finance in accordance with regulatory changes: Focus on the new Basel III reforms (Basel IV).

Miguel Alves Martins

  • Paradox theory, new philanthropy and the family foundation: Charting new terrain at the interface of organization(s) and society

Timothy David Barlow

  • The Investors in People Paradox.

Stephen Peter Hampson

  • A Business Model Approach to Governance and Decision Making: Theory and Implementation

Eugene Okyere Yeboah

  • Empirical Studies of Risk-Factors in Credit Pricing and Investing Using the Omega Function

2019 Cohort

Furat Alyassin

  • Can Corporate Social Responsibility play a role in overcoming Institutional Voids in a Post-Conflict Context: a case study of Iraq

Alessandro Francesco Giudice

  • Linking business/corporate strategy to financial structure: how financial decisions contribute to achieving competitive advantage

Steven Mark Leroy

  • Essential ESG Principles for Boards in Private Companies

Alexander Jeremy Michael Michael Findlater

  • On the Assessment and Management of Risks to Lifetime Income in UK Retirement Solutions

Alfredo Grattarola

  • Semantic and social dynamics as symptoms for managing pluralistic work groups

David Snyder

  • Credit Scoring’s Contribution to Sustainable and Profitable MSME Loan Growth and Key Success Factors for Use of Credit Scoring

Emmanuel Py

  • Opening up of China’s external capital account, due to the progressive internationalization of the RMB, and in link with the “impossible trinity”.

Linus Akanoh

  • Measuring cost, performance, and outcomes of private sector contracting in FEMA-funded recovery programs

Sohail Niazi

  • How Ready are Banks in the GCC countries for the FinTech revolution?

Stephanie Mason

  • Reviewing certain influences on college governor behaviour and decision making, in England: are governance models delivering the desired outcomes?

Steven Patrick Schramm

  • "Prevalence of, and Provider and Patient Characteristics Associated with, Low Value Care in Low Income Populations"

Natwilai Utoomprurkporn

  • Value creation of 3D data visulisation and data management system

Tatiana Alexandrovna Franus

  • Financial market manipulations and investment strategies in the manipulative environment

Daniele Romano

  • Technology innovation in financial services: Implications of Artificial Intelligence on business models

John Cowman

  • Congruent delivery and organisational design models

2018 Cohort

Rob Roy

  • Opportunities in Portfolio Construction: Empirical Evidence of Inefficient Security Allocation in US Equity Mutual Funds

Burton Jay Flynn

  • What Matters in Corporate Governance for Small Companies Around the World?

Gerasimos Kouvaras

  • The role of ideology in causing and managing organisational identity tensions: the case of international non-governmental organisations.

Alexandra Skailes

  • An investigation into the impact of charity mergers and acquisitions on the social value created for their beneficiaries

Jaafar Al-Sarraf

  • Financial Inclusion and Financial Technology (FinTech)

Helene Gemayel

  • Global Supply Chains: promoting universal values through CSR and corporate governance mechanisms

Eugen Andre Marinoff

  • Unravelling the Value of Cryptocurrencies: Do Digital Coins Improve the Efficiency and Performance of Traditional Investment Portfolios?

2017 Cohort

Majed Aljaberi

  • Environmental and social sustainability in public procurement

Kirstin Armit

  • How Medical Directors actions influence medical engagement and organisational performance in the English NHS

Ana Dahik

  • Configuration of cross-sector partnerships for social innovation against corruption: the case of Mexico

Carla El Hage

  • The viability of social entrepreneurship: Are successful social entrepreneurial enterprises driven by social value creation or revenue generation mind

John Jacob

  • The impact of digital strategies on the management of pediatric healthcare

Kamil Mirishov

  • Geographic location, economic stability and cash holdings management

Isidora Mytilinaiou

  • A conceptual organisational learning model for the effective use of hospital volunteers: The case study of the Children's Hospital Agia Sophia, Greece

Rafael Ramirez De Alba Lopez

  • Evolution and challenges to the development of the platform economy in Latin America, the case of Mexico

Steve Shu

  • Behavioural interventions to reduce savings leakage

Charles Wild

  • Autonomy, collaboration and control in globalising professional services firms

2016 Cohort

Muhammad Nadeem Aslam

  • The critical determinants of quasi-equity investments and firm’s capital structures – An Islamic banking perspective

Chase Cicchetti

  • Enhancing Currency Hedging Regimes for Emerging Market Equity Portfolios

Joe Delvaux

  • Essays on Sub-Saharan African Financial Markets

Bernd Kolkmann

  • Unprofitable tenants: the usual suspects? A case study of modelling tenant profitability.

Rick Mason

  • Smarter Screens to Improve Retirement Behaviour

Sergio Mottola

  • Managing Ecosystems: the logic of “functional integration” for companies managing a portfolio of business models focused at building high value for their consumers

Valdery Moura Junior

  • Center of Excellence for Clinical Big Data: Transforming Biomedical Research and Healthcare

Richard Odumodu

  • Essays in econometrics and political economy – An analysis of the dynamics of the African capital markets and economic growth

Karl Rutter

  • Academic Entrepreneurship: Drivers for entrepreneurship at elite universities in the United States

Ruth Wandhofer

  • The potential of Blockchain Technology for global payments: moving payments into the digital age

2015 Cohort

Olubayo Adekanmbi

  • Bandwagon luxury consumption behaviour of low-income groups– towards a model for BoP market penetration

Jasim Al-Najmawi

  • Qatari NGOs and International Development

Joshua Burgher

  • Market-Driven Program Portfolio Optimization

Paul Douglas

  • Reporting on audited financial statements

Faisal Zai

  • Financial Impact of natural disasters

2014 Cohort

Ylva Baeckstrom

  • Making sense of investor needs: Using attribution theory to explain financial advisor investment advice for male and female high net worth clients

Daniel Martinez Martin

  • Product Modularity, Collaboration and the impact on Innovation Performance in intra-organizational R&D Networks

Barbara Wang

  • The globalisation of Chinese stated-owned multinational enterprises (SO-MNEs): guanxi and Liability of Foreignness (LOF)