Thesis titles of Executive PhD Programme candidates

Thesis titles in Management

An investigation into the impact of charity mergers and acquisitions on the social value created for their beneficiaries.

Configuration of cross-sector partnerships for social innovation against corruption: the case of Mexico

Guanxi in the Western Context: Intra-firm group dynamics and expatriate adjustment

Autonomy, collaboration and control in globalising professional services firms

Unpacking Product Modularity Innovation in distributed R&D Teams

The role of ideology in causing and managing organisational identity tensions: the case of international non-governmental organisations

Global Supply Chains: promoting universal values through CSR and corporate governance mechanisms

A conceptual organisational learning model for the effective use of hospital volunteers: The case study of the Children's Hospital Agia Sophia, Greece

Financial literacy and inclusion among the blue-collar migrant workers: the case of money exchange industry in Qatar

Qatari NGOs and International Development

Thesis titles in Finance

What Matters in Corporate Governance for Small Companies Around the World?

The Viability of Social Entrepreneurship: Are Successful Social Entrepreneurial Enterprises Driven by Social Value Creation or Revenue Generation Mind

Enhancing Currency Hedging Regimes for Emerging Market Equity Portfolios

Unravelling the Value of Cryptocurrencies: Do Digital Coins Improve the Efficiency and Performance of Traditional Investment Portfolios?

Financial Impact of natural disasters

Geographic location, economic stability and cash holdings management

The critical determinants of quasi-equity investments and firm’s capital structures – An Islamic banking perspective

Reporting on audited financial statements

Opportunities in Portfolio Construction -Empirical Evidence of Inefficient Security Allocation in US Equity Mutual Funds

Behavioural Interventions to Reduce Savings Leakage