Strategic Decision Making for Leaders

Ideally, decisions get made when there's time for data collection and analysis; that way rational choices can be made. But most leaders work in a sub-optimal world when information or time isn't available and tough choices or difficult decisions have to be made.

Key Information

Dates: 6 - 7 June 2023
Duration: 2 days 
Format: In person | 09:00 - 17:00
Fee: £1,995 (No VAT is charged) Includes all programme materials, lunch and refreshments
Delivered by: Professor Irene Scopelliti and Dr Albert Feduzi

Programme overview

Leaders and managers must deal with high levels of uncertainty, an ever-changing competitive landscape and diverse virtual teams. Some imply long-term investments and consequences, whereas others require agility and optionality. Understanding the tools and techniques that enable leaders to lead complex decision-making processes with rigorous and critical thinking will help them incentivise and make the right decisions even under pressure and with imperfect information to hand.

Who is the programme for?

Executives and senior managers across all departments who are moving from tactical to strategic roles and are involved in cross-functional decision making will benefit from this programme. The Strategic Decision Making for Leaders programme is equally important to those whose industries are experiencing high levels of uncertainty and change. This includes anyone dealing with important multi-stakeholder decisions in the private or public sector.

Benefits for you

  • Develop tools and techniques to help you make strategic decisions and build optionality into your decision-making process
  • Gain insights into the human side of decision making as explained by behavioural decision science
  • Practice analysis and decision making in a safe environment to improve your performance in the workplace.

Benefits for your organisation

  • Establish a discipline of good decision making in your organisation and create the right environment for great decision making
  • Learn how to analyse barriers to good decision making in your organisation, including social and psychological biases
  • Understand the key drivers of good and bad decisions, and the differences between decisions and outcomes for your organisation.

Focus and structure

This is a highly experiential programme that blends theory and practice. You will learn a framework for analysing and making complex decisions that incorporate multiple stakeholder perspectives. Discover our human biases and the way we are all affected by them as well as strategies for diffusing them.

Participants will learn to apply decision-making tools to analyse situations as well as key pitfalls of intuition, leading to smarter decisions that achieve better results. Upon successful completion of the Strategic Decision Making for Leaders course, participants will be able to transfer their learning to the workplace and have confidence in the strategic decisions they make.

Part 1

The programme begins by looking at the theory and frameworks behind effective decision making and focuses on process over outcomes. Participants will explore how to master the key principles of behavioural decision science and equip themselves to make decisions that are complicated by the constraints of time pressure, imperfect data or too much data.

Part 2

Participants work in small groups on decision-making tools, analyses and cases while gaining hands-on experience on modelling objectives, trade-offs, uncertainties and risks. The day has two main objectives, to create a safe environment for participants to get input and feedback from their peers and to enable participants to work with these tools after they return to their organisations.

Very engaging. Lots of variety. Kept us informed and entertained. Good mix of presentation, discussion and group work - Past participant

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