Effective Negotiation Skills: Influencing with Impact

Manage differences of opinion and contrasting interests to arrive at equitable solutions and meaningful outcomes that maintain and enhance work relationships with this highly practical communicating and influencing programme.

Key Information

Dates: 7 November 2023
Duration: 1 day
Format: In person
Fee: £995 (No VAT is charged), includes all programme materials
Faculty: Professor Cliff Oswick

Programme overview

Whether we recognise it or not, we are required to negotiate and influence others in virtually every interpersonal and organisational situation we encounter. We are constantly required to deal with the difficult situations that arise from differences of opinion with and between various stakeholders. It is therefore no surprise that key models of strategic management and leadership effectiveness consistently identify negotiating and influencing skills as critical for individual and organisational success. This highly practical programme in Effective Negotiation Skills will provide you with frameworks, techniques and approaches with which you can manage differences of opinion and contrasting interests to arrive at equitable solutions and meaningful outcomes that maintain, and in many instances enhance, existing work relationships.

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Who is the programme for?

Professionals across a variety of departments with significant negotiation responsibilities are encouraged to apply. Your organisational situation is ideally defined by some or all of the following characteristics:

  • high employee autonomy and independence with responsibility for multiple tasks
  • ambiguous or overlapping roles and goals
  • difficultly in measuring employee performance
  • high levels of uncertainty and change
  • and decisions involving multiple stakeholders.

Benefits for you

  • Recognise your preferred negotiating style and how to manage the repertoire of available styles
  • Formulate an effective negotiating strategy
  • Embed reliable and well-established negotiating techniques that consistently deliver positive results.

Benefits for your organisation

  • Identify common sources of conflict at work and how to resolve them
  • Understand and recognise the key elements and stages common to all negotiations
  • Develop techniques and tactics for dealing with challenging people.

Focus and structure

The programme is divided into two parts; a blend of theory and practice in the form of experiential exercises. The first reviews what is known about effective negotiations and exercising influence. The second part focuses on the practical application of these key elements and characteristics. The programme uses a variety of techniques including face-to-face teaching, case studies and experiential exercises to introduce you to several key frameworks, and to enable you to: analyse and prepare for both formal and informal negotiations; formulate appropriate interpersonal strategies; manage the processes of interaction; and where possible, to arrive at beneficial outcomes for all stakeholders.

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