Practical Accounting and Finance for Entrepreneurs

An intensive one-day masterclass to help entrepreneurs and small business managers better understand and handle the financial aspects of their business.

Key Information

This programme is offered as a bespoke programme and can be customised to suit the specific needs of your organisation.

Duration: 1 day
Fee: on request
Faculty: Stefano de Cesaris

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Programme overview

The programme will improve your understanding of the accounting and finance elements of your business to help you make better managerial decisions.

We will demystify accounting and provide you with simple, but powerful, practical tools to help you understand, analyse and discuss the financial aspects of your business.

Understand how your business looks on paper, gain insight into how potential investors may examine your business and improve your confidence when it comes to engaging with your accounting and tax advisers.

Who is the programme for?

Entrepreneurs, owners or managers of small businesses who are looking to improve their understanding of the accounting and finance aspects of their business. The programme is designed for people with limited knowledge of accounting and finance, no previous knowledge is required.


  • Understanding key accounting terms and concepts
  • Learning how your business decisions are reflected in the accounts
  • Understanding how accounting information can help you manage the business
  • Improving your confidence when talking to your accounting and tax advisors
  • Joining stimulating discussions with other entrepreneurs and business managers
  • Accessing practical reference resources to use on completion of the programme.

Focus and structure

These high-impact, focused sessions have been designed to equip you with tools that can be applied for maximum impact. You’ll learn through face-to-face teaching, case studies and experiential exercises, and upon completion of the programme you will understand the fundamentals of accounting and finance, but also be able to apply them to your business context.

In the morning session, you will explore the basic principles of accounting and finance before going on to examine how key business transactions look on your financial statements. You’ll review statutory reporting requirements for small businesses, before finishing the day by reviewing your company through the lens of an investor. Download the full agenda.

Who will you learn with?

Stefano De Cesaris is a Senior lecturer in the accounting group of the finance faculty at Bayes Business School. His areas of expertise are accounting, the analysis of financial statements, company valuation and mergers and acquisitions.

Prior to joining the School, Stefano worked at Goldman Sachs in London, first in the corporate advisory group and then in the equity research division. In 2005, he joined AMT Training, a leading provider of financial training for investment banks globally, and subsequently he joined Bayes Business School. Stefano has over 12 years of experience teaching accounting and finance to professional and student audiences worldwide.

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