Leadership in a Digital World

This six-month leadership programme from Bayes and Grant Thornton combines academic experience and real world expertise. Three expert masterclasses in digital transformation, strategic decision-making and leadership communication and will equip you with the skills needed to thrive in a rapidly changing world. You will also receive one-to-one coaching sessions throughout to help embed your classroom learning.

In partnership with:

Grant Thornton

Bayes Business School and Grant Thornton come together to combine academic expertise and commercial experience to deliver leadership training to current and future leaders.

Key information:

This programme is offered as a bespoke programme and can be customised to suit the specific needs of your organisation.

Format: Fully customisable masterclasses (ranging from one-day to two-days), one-to-one coaching sessions and networking events 
Fee: on request
Faculty:  Prof Gianvito Lanzolla Prof Laure Cabantous and Louisa Welby-Everard

For more information please contact execed@city.ac.uk


  1. Leading Digital Transformations | 2 days
  2. Leadership Communication: Present Yourself with Lasting Impact | 1 day
  3. Strategic Decision Making for Leaders | 2 days

Programme overview

This programme responds directly to the demands placed on senior executives and is tailored to suit you and your needs. A series of expert masterclasses integrated with one-to-one coaching sessions that will provide you with the tools and knowledge required to thrive in an increasingly digital world.

Who is the programme for?

This programme has been designed for senior executives, leaders and entrepreneurs. Whether you work in the private or public sector, this programme will provide you with a better understanding of the changing digital landscape and how to be a more effective leader within it.


  • Equip yourself with practical knowledge of how to exploit radical new technologies and business models
  • Gain critical leadership skills that can be directly applied to your business context
  • Receive one-to-one coaching sessions to embed your classroom learning, with a coach who is strategically matched to you based on your skills and experience
  • Designed specifically for people with busy schedules, the six month programme provides flexibility around your day-to-day role
  • Access to events that will foster networking opportunities with your cohort, allowing you to gain cross-sector insight
  • Gain Bayes Executive Education alumni status, providing you with access to events and opportunities to help expand your network.

What do the masterclasses cover?

Strategic Decision Making for Leaders (two-days)

Lead yourself and others confidently through uncertain times by improving your decision-making skills. Study the theory and frameworks behind effective decision-making as well as gaining hands-on experience on modelling objectives, trade-offs, uncertainties and risks.

What you'll cover:

  • Understand the key drivers of good and bad decisions and the differences between decisions and outcomes
  • Learn how to analyse barriers to good decision-making, including social and psychological biases
  • Gain insights into the human side of decision-making as explained by behavioural decision science
  • Develop tools and techniques to help you make strategic decisions and build optionality into your decision-making process
  • Practise analysis and decision-making in a safe environment to improve your performance in the workplace.

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Who will the programme be taught by?

Professor Laure Cabantous

Professor Cabantous holds a PhD in Economics from Toulouse School of Economics (France). Prior to being a Professor of Strategy and Organisation at Bayes, she worked at Warwick Business School, ESCP Europe and Nottingham University Business School.

Laure has a long-lasting interest in decision-making processes, both at the individual and organisational levels, and for the management of risk and uncertainty. She has studied how insurers make decisions under conflicting and consensual ambiguity; how decision analysts help managers take decisions; and how models support decision-making.

Leading Digital Transformations (two-days)

Ensure your business survives and thrives in the digital revolution. First understand the wider psychological and socio-economic implications of the digital landscape, before focusing on the business implications of digital change.

What you'll cover:
  • Understand the sources of competitive advantage in the digital world and the role that digital should have in your business strategy
  • Discover frameworks that help define and build successful digital models
  • Gain in-depth knowledge on how to develop, or predict, the emergence of disruptive business models
  • Learn about mechanisms to escape from the ‘stuck in the middle’ trap: when you are not the market leader and you are not a niche player
  • Get direct exposure to successful cases and senior executives who have already embraced digital change
  • Develop an action plan to implement digital change in your organisation.

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Who will the programme be taught by?

Professor Gianvito Lanzolla

Gianvito Lanzolla is Professor of Strategy at Bayes. Firmly established as a leading global thought leader of technology strategy and business digital transformation, his research has won several academic prizes and has been featured widely in the business media – e.g. Financial Times, the Economist, CNBC, CCTV and Wall Street Journal.

Gianvito has directed and delivered several executive development programmes and has contributed as an advisor to many boards and executive leadership teams around the world. Recent corporate engagements include: Apple, Baker McKenzie, European Club Association, BBC, IBM, the UAE’s Prime Minister Office, Microsoft, Zurich, KION, Axel Springer and Vodafone Group.

Leadership Communication (one-day)

Good leaders have excellent communication skills and recognise how to engage different stakeholders and colleagues to get the best results. This one-day masterclass will show you how to achieve your desired outcomes.

What you'll cover:

  • Develop self-awareness about your individual communication style and impact
  • Explore the ingredients of compelling content and equip yourself with the skills to be an engaging and accessible communicator
  • Identify the varying communication demands of different stakeholders and contexts from a delivery and content perspective
  • Review your presentation style and practise how to make your content compelling and engaging.

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Who will the programme be taught by?

Louisa Welby-Everard

Louisa has been a coach working with senior leaders and their teams for the past 15 years. Her coaching is focused on helping clients improve their impact, gravitas, authority and leadership presence.

She tactically helps clients prepare for set-piece events, presentations and public speaking opportunities, with her client base including senior business leaders and Board level executives of large multinational public and private organisations across sectors.

Informed by her experiences as a BBC News Producer and then a Communications Consultant, one of her areas of expertise is in helping executives to bridge the gap in translating their thoughts and beliefs into language and behaviours that enable them to be impactful and engaging leaders.

How do the coaching sessions work?

As part of the programme, you will receive six one-to-one coaching sessions which will take place in-between masterclasses, bringing your classroom learning to life.  The bespoke coaching you receive will be tailored to your personal leadership goals, with the sessions providing an opportunity to explore opportunities and challenges in a safe, confidential environment.

With access to a pool of over 100 Grant Thornton coaches, you’ll be matched with one based on your specific industry, role and career experiences. Grant Thornton’s coaches comply with European Mentoring and Coaching Council’s competences and code of ethics.

Have a question about the programme? Download the brochure, or contact talentsolutions@uk.gt.com.

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