Learning on the road: MSc Management at the Tate Modern

How learning at a London art museum is enhancing the student experience.

Bayes Masters students have taken their studies outside of the classroom and continued their learning in the inspiring surrounds of Tate Modern.

Professor Daniel Beunza, Course Director of the MSc programme at Bayes, decided the weekly case study taught as part of the MSc Management’s ‘Digital Management’ module would be better taught in the venue of the Tate Modern itself.

The case study discussed the founding and creation of the museum and explained the increasingly significant role of digital innovation at the Tate and in art. Students were able to better understand how theoretical concepts are implemented into the physical world and the value of remaining committed to ideas.

Students gather and smile outside Tate Modern

Students and Professor Daniel Beunza gather outside of the Tate Modern

MSc Management student Egor Pyuman said the session explained how newer generations placed an increasing emphasis on authenticity when acting upon consumer behaviours and how these had been embedded into the Tate Modern's approach to social media and technology.

“The presentation broadened the imaginative horizons of all students attending, elevating thinking beyond basic theoretical concept traditional to running a company,” said Egor.

Students toured the museum and analysed the case at the Tate's Starr Cinema, before hearing from Liam Darbon, Head of Digital and Innovation at Tate Modern, on the importance of lifetime value when evaluating the performance of the museum, plus the value of diversification and enticing new audiences while supporting the needs of older audiences.

Professor Beunza said he wanted the session to offer a different environment to learn.

“Our MSc in Management offers MBA-style classroom engagement for MSc students. In fact, engaged learning goes far beyond classroom participation. The class visit to the Tate illustrates how Bayes faculty can connect the classroom discussion with business and culture in the City of London.”


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