First ever Bayes Global MBA cohort celebrates Graduation

Students from around the world on Bayes Business School’s first ever online MBA programme graduate at the Barbican Centre.

Students from Bayes Business School (formerly Cass)’s first ever online Global MBA cohort celebrated their graduation at London’s Barbican Centre during July.

The 15-strong cohort of professionals from a range of backgrounds – based all over the world from the USA to Japan via Switzerland and Saudi Arabia – completed the inaugural programme and came to London to toast their achievements.

The part-time, two-year programme allows participants to fine tune their leadership capabilities, with access to world-leading industry experts, researchers and business practitioners across elective modules to tailor the degree to their specific industry requirements.

Sultan Alzoubi chose to study the programme at Bayes when he was promoted to a Facility Operations Manager role in Saudi Arabia, but found he still had a lot to learn about operations management, finance and human resources.

“I was excited to lead when I got my promotion, but my background in engineering wasn’t too helpful for managing operations,” he said.

“I wanted to study a flexible course that allowed me to continue my career while learning from global experts and similarly aspirational peers from around the world. Studying remotely and across a longer time period gave me the chance to balance my career and development.

“The experience I’ve gained has given me the opportunity to apply knowledge straight away to my workplace and put business operational skills to practice. It has opened many doors for me and I will soon be starting a new role working on the Neom eco-city project in Saudi Arabia.”

Sultan Alzoubi

Dhwanika Patel, a Senior Global Account Executive in the United States said flexibility and access to innovation were key to her enjoyment of the programme.

“I didn’t previously think it would be possible to balance studying for an MBA with a full-time role, she said.

“The hours of the programme and time difference allowed me to study from my ‘virtual desk’ in the US before beginning my work day. Bayes professors and peers were very supportive in terms of meeting flexibility and study sessions, and I never felt disconnected by not being on campus because all of the resources I needed were available.

“I work in healthcare, and the MBA I gained from Bayes has played an instrumental role in my journey of launching a global blockbuster drug in an extremely competitive diabetes market. I’ve been able to achieve operational excellence by applying much of my strategic thinking and framework learnings early on in my career. By strengthening my management acumen, I fostered a collaborative mindset within my team and successfully navigated challenges in a holistic fashion.

“The skills I’ve picked up have allowed me to deliver multiple creative projects in a more agile and innovative manner. Moving forward I’d like to help businesses maximise their digital footprint and help them navigate strategically through the complex data-driven landscape.

"The knowledge I gained from the Bayes Global MBA makes me eager to take on new challenges, continuously reinvent the wheel and assist in shaping a better tomorrow.”

Dhwanika Patel

Dr Aneesh Banerjee, Course Director for the Global MBA, congratulated the Class of 2022 and said he was impressed by their dedication and flexibility to take on new ideas.

“Studying for an MBA is a major undertaking in itself, but combining it with a full-time career is hugely commendable.

“The Bayes Global MBA allows students to study alongside a full-time role, acquiring advanced knowledge and skills required to take bold business decisions and lead an organisation. This flexibility allows students to directly apply learning to leadership and management roles straight away within their companies or teams.

“Congratulations to all graduating students, and we look forward to keeping in touch with them as they take the next step in their career paths.”

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