MSc Management graduate named first international hire at fellow alumna’s fintech firm

Business School alumna makes MSc Management graduate first international hire of fintech firm

A London fintech firm started by an alumna of The Business School (formerly Cass) has gone full circle after hiring its first international employee – a recent graduate of the MSc Management programme.

As part of the postgraduate programme, students are given the option of studying a Consulting Project module, by which they can get on-the-job experience with dynamic businesses and not-for-profit organisations. The capability of building connections, working in teams and offering business solutions to companies makes the six-week module a popular option for budding entrepreneurs.

This was the case for 2020 MSc Management graduate Shreeya Arora.

“I knew people who had studied the MSc in Management at the Business School and I knew I wanted to study under Professor Hans Frankort, a statistician I admire greatly, and the core structure of the course also matched my aspirations.”

Having moved to study in London because of the opportunities afforded in the capital, when presented with the chance to work with Adsum – a technology-driven financial services company who specialise in VAT loans and short-term lending on tax receivables – Shreeya was keen to make the most of the opportunity.

Impressed with the students’ contributions, Adsum offered Shreeya and Mehar Kaur, another MSc Management student at the Business School, a four-month internship after the recommendations they offered as part of the Consulting Project were adopted. The internship was carried out remotely, due to restrictions imposed by Covid-19, with Shreeya navigating challenges including different time zones and developing working relationships.  And her hard work was to be rewarded.

“It was a great opportunity, and I was given a good deal of responsibility – I was Project Lead for SEO and Automation implementation. In an increasingly digital world, Adsum’s aim is to use its tech to make accessibility to finance easy for its borrowers and inform clients and intermediaries of the developments in the UK fintech industry. I made use of python, AI-power data mining programs, CRM databases and associated analytics.”

MSc Management graduate Shreeya Arora with Adsum co-founder Justina Tartilaite

Midway through the internship, Shreeya was offered a full-time role. Adsum is also sponsoring a visa for her.

Justina Tartilaite, co-founded Adsum in 2019 and, as an alumna of the Business School herself, ensured City was one of her first ports of call having trodden a similar path to Shreeya.

"I had a great experience at the Business School. I wanted to be able to give Adsum interns the same experience I had following my studies and after Adsum was set up I gave them a call."

“It was more than a business school to me", added the Harvard Business School graduate. "I am still benefiting a lot from working with them, and Imperial College, and the students have such a keen sense for what we need – having learned such excellent project management skills. We’re big on having the right culture in our team (be it managers, BDMs or techies) as this goes a long way in achieving our business goals. Shreeya is a hard-working and valuable member of the team, and I am excited at the progress she continues to make.”

Chris Sutton, Visiting Lecturer and Module Leader for the Consulting Project said the efforts of the 2019/20 cohort had been hugely impressive, in circumstances that resulted in widespread disruption to their final term.

“To achieve such admirable results in unforeseen circumstances reflects the professionalism and quality of the group’s ability,” Mr Sutton said.

“Their in-depth research and ability to coordinate with each other across time zones and continents was excellent. The quality of the work produced for clients was very high indeed, and is reflected in the way Adsum adopted Shreeya and her fellow students’ recommendations, and the job offer that followed.”

Dr Joanna Zaleska, Course Director of MSc Management, said the real experiences offered by the course enhanced students’ ability to be expressive and more authentic but also learning to act like a professional so clients perceive them as competent and reliable.

“The course aims to offer personalised learning from term two and during term three when each student builds their own path according to their interests, personal preferences and career objectives. In term three we offer experiential learning to our students when they learn through projects and action with real clients during consultancy assignments in London.”

Shreeya, who thanked David Shute, MSc Careers Relationship Manager, and Mr Sutton for their support, has now met her new team and works as a Finance Associate.

"The feedback I got from the professors and staff at the Business School was invaluable in getting this position. To be able to work in the middle of the pandemic is a daunting experience. I was only able to meet Justina for the first time in January, but I am excited at what lies ahead."

Find out more about the MSc Management programme at City’s Business School.

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