"The higher we hold the bar for ourselves and for each other, the higher we will rise"

An edited extract from Professor Paolo Volpin, Interim Dean of City's Business School's graduation address

"Well done to all our new graduates!

"Graduation is a great accomplishment. In the unprecedented circumstances we find ourselves, I would like to start by commending your achievements and toasting your future.

"You are all global leaders of tomorrow. Leaders inspire, shape, influence and create in all sorts of ways.

Now more than ever, our world is in great need of your leadership across the many communities to which you belong.

"As you join the community of City’s Business School alumni, I encourage you to think about the power of community.

"Firstly, a community shares core values. In this respect, I think about Cass and City, and our passion for excellence. We want all members of our community to thrive. We know that the higher we hold the bar for ourselves and for each other, the higher – and faster -  we will rise.

Professor Paolo Volpin stands behind a lectern in red academic robes

"Secondly, a strong community is one that nurtures diversity.

"Our students come from over 140 countries, and as graduates, you join an alumni network that spans 160 nations. The glue that holds us together is that of mutual support and care.

"Finally, communities strengthen when members step up to their responsibilities. You have much to share – your skills, passion, energy, leadership and – particularly in these challenging times – your resilience. As City alumni, you are global citizens and you have a responsibility to empower positive change in the world, whatever path you may choose.

"Communities learn and develop through their members. So let us continue to support one and other. Join us at alumni and School events in London and around the world and take these opportunities to continue learning. Share your feedback, your achievements, and your ideas as well: the better we do as a School the more valuable your degree.

I am proud to call you alumni, and look forward to building our futures together.

"Good luck and congratulations once again!"

Watch the full graduation video for City's Business School, including Professor Volpin's speech to students.

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