Professor Rym Ayadi elected Chair of the Banking Stakeholders Group of the European Banking Authority

Her priority is to ensure Group's advice contributes to a resilient and sustainable European banking system

Cass Business School is delighted to announce that Honorary Visiting Professor Rym Ayadi, Founding President of the Euro-Mediterranean Economists Association (EMEA) and Director of the Euro-Mediterranean Network for Economic Studies (EMNES), has been elected Chair of the Banking Stakeholders Group (BSG) of the European Banking Authority (EBA).

Speaking as the news was confirmed, Professor Ayadi emphasised her priority is to ensure the advice provided by BSG is balanced, covers banking regulatory and consumer protection issues and contributes to a sound, resilient and sustainable banking system in Europe that serves the economy and the society.

Professor Ayadi is Honorary Visiting Professor in the Centre for Banking Research in the Faculty of Finance at Cass.

The EBA's Banking Stakeholder Group is appointed by the EBA's Board of Supervisors. It is composed of 30 members appointed to represent in balanced proportions credit and investment institutions operating in the Union, their employees' representatives as well as consumers, users of financial services, academics and representatives of small to medium enterprises (SMEs). The EBA consults the BSG on the EBA's proposals for technical standards, guidelines and recommendations concerning banking regulation.

The European Banking Authority (EBA) is an independent EU Authority which works to ensure effective and consistent prudential regulation and supervision across the European banking sector. Its overall objectives are to maintain financial stability in the EU and to safeguard the integrity, efficiency and orderly functioning of the banking sector.

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