Dow Jones CEO William Lewis awarded Honorary Doctorate during Cass Summer Graduations

City, University of London Journalism graduate tells Cass graduands to seize the moment and step confidently into the world.

CEO of Dow Jones and publisher of the Wall Street Journal William Lewis has been awarded an Honorary Degree of Doctor of Science from Cass Business School during the 2019 Summer Graduation ceremony.

Mr Lewis studied a postgraduate diploma in periodical journalism at City, University of London before going on to a long and illustrious career as a reporter and editor that continues today.

In 2018 Mr Lewis and his team at Dow Jones helped launch Lessons in Leadership at Cass, the first online learning collaboration between a major media organisation and a leading business school.

In recognition of his outstanding leadership and commitment to supporting the work of Cass, the School was honoured to present Mr Lewis for the award of Doctor of Science.

"Five Golden Rules"

On receipt of his Honorary Doctorate Mr Lewis said he was deeply humbled and told Cass graduands they had been, as he had been, blessed with a City University degree.

“I can not imagine a better time to be starting your working life,” Mr Lewis said.

“So seize the moment, step confidently in to this profoundly disrupted world and find your passion.”

Mr Lewis went on to give graduands some precious advice that he called “five golden rules”.


“First, be an obsessive reader. The best people in the world read 500 pages a day, and books, not just newspapers. The world is changing so much, so fast, you have to read to stay on it.”

Be fit

“Second, stay fit - fit in mind and body. You are what you read and what you eat. In the years ahead, as you eek out careers, you are going to need energy.

“That will come naturally at the moment, but then it won’t, so lay down strong energy foundations now. Eat well. Exercise. Focus on mental well-being.”

Avoid twerps

“Third, only work with and spend time with nice people. Life is too short to spend time with twerps. Avoid them.”

Stand for something

“Fourth, work out what you stand for and stand for it, and be that person, the whole time. This is easy to say, and very hard to do, but I encourage you to try to fast forward the process.

Too many people spend their lives pretending to be one thing at work, and another at home. Find a way to bring the whole of yourself to every part of your life. It is the only way to go.”

Thank your parents

“Fifth, and this is not me playing to the audience, exhibit and evidence deep appreciation to your parents today, tomorrow, and for as long as you can.

Until you become parents yourselves you will have no idea what they have done for you. But it is monumental, inspirational and motivated by deep love.

So turn to them now and say thank you. I will thank mine.”

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