Second round of celebrations for Executive MBA in Dubai graduates

Eight graduates attended the summer graduation ceremony in London this week.

Recent graduates of the Cass Executive MBA (EMBA) in Dubai programme donned their gowns and mortar boards one more time to celebrate their academic achievements alongside peers at City, University of London’s summer graduation ceremony.

For the eight graduates, who are part of the Dubai Centre’s 10th EMBA graduate cohort, attending the ceremony at the home campus in London served as the culminating celebration of their academic pursuits. They are Mohammad Ahmad, Reem Awad, Adel Ellab, Vinod Ganapathy, Iain Hird, Ramy Dayel, Noble Inasu and Iain Munro.

Adel said:

"Attending the ceremony at the Barbican was a special experience. It was extra special for my parents as they had witnessed my graduation ceremony at the same location more than 10 years ago for my undergraduate studies. The experience was enriched by the attendance of my peers from Dubai, and the countless other Cass graduates all celebrating the successful conclusion of their respective courses.  I am thankful to Cass Business School for enabling this experience."

Reem said: “I was overwhelmed to see the number of Cass students graduating at the Barbican. I felt very proud of my achievement and grateful for the experiences I’ve had and the friends I made during my two-year EMBA journey.”