Strategy expert Dr Paul Raspin gives Cass MBA masterclass in Dubai

Dr Raspin drew upon themes from his new book, What’s Your Competitive Advantage? 7 strategies for running a more profitable business in a complex world.

City, University of London’s Dubai Centre was delighted to welcome Honorary Visiting Fellow Dr Paul Raspin, who gave a masterclass in strategy to Executive MBA students, alumni and prospective students.

The dynamic session was based on highlights from Dr Raspin’s new book, “What’s Your Competitive Advantage?: 7 strategies for running a more profitable business in a complex world”, which is geared towards top management teams, executives, anyone with a business, students and academics.

Dr Raspin co-authored the book with Professor Cliff Bowman of the Cranfield School of Management at Cranfield University.

During the masterclass, Dr Raspin outlined the following strategies that can help businesses become profitable in complex and turbulent markets:

  • Specialisation - focus on a single product and compete through superior product performance.
  • Adaptive - build in flexibility to enable the system to respond to changing customer needs.
  • Low cost - deliver equivalent product quality compared to competitors but with a continual focus on cost reduction.
  • Innovation - compete through product innovation.
  • Excellence - continuous improvement of service quality.
  • No frills - serve price sensitive customers with a stripped down alternative product or service.
  • Targeting - focus on a specific market segment and serve the needs of these customers more effectively than less targeted rivals.

A  visiting senior fellow at Cass Business School since 2010, Dr Raspin is currently teaching these insights in his elective module Managing Value Creation: Linking Strategy and Finance to students on the MBA programmes at Cass.

To find out more about the book, contact Dr Raspin on [email protected] or