Cass celebrates first cohort of online Global Finance graduates

Cass's first cohort of online graduates are testament to the success of accessible academic learning.

While hundreds of Cass graduates celebrate the end of their time on campus this month, another cohort are celebrating the completion of their online studies.

Cass’s MSc in Global Finance is the first online degree the school has offered and for its Course Director, Alex Moss, the graduation of its first cohort of students is “immensely gratifying”.

“Congratulations to all the MSc in Global Finance graduates, and to all those who worked on developing the course and the platform on which it is delivered,” Mr Moss said.

He said the success of this first cohort of online graduates showed there was significant merit in extending the range of courses Cass offers online.

“We believe in making learning accessible whilst mirroring real-life corporate situations, across the globe, and an online degree can be the best way to achieve this,” he said.

“Providing access to academics who teach, share their knowledge and guide students through an extraordinary, high quality learning experience is what an online degree at Cass is about."

The first cohort of online graduates studied their degrees from four of the world’s six inhabited continents, with graduates from Asia and Europe accounting for the majority.

Graduate, Abdul Salam Lamptey travelled across the world while studying and said:

During the MSc I have been based in China, Spain and Canada for my work gaining incredible experiences.

That is the really attractive side of the course. You can just carry on globally without losing anything.”

As part of City, University of London, Cass also offers academic leadership for online courses in Supply Chain Management and Global Logistics at Master’s, postgraduate diploma and postgraduate certificate levels.

Co-Programme Director Dr Byung-Gak Son, stressed the importance of an effectively managed supply chain, which contributes immensely to the success of global companies.

"Given the enormous challenges of increasingly global and fragmented supply chains, we professionals require a sound understanding of emerging opportunities and risks and the knowledge and tools to handle them," Dr Byung-Gak Son said.

Students on the programme are encouraged to participate in continuous professional development. Following completion of the MSc and with relevant work experience, they can achieve full accreditation by the Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply (CIPS).

Applications are open for the next intake for Cass’s online MSc in Global Finance, beginning in May 2019.

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