Meet Anna Faelten

Cass EMBA and BSc alumna and Associate Partner at EY reflects on her career and women's leadership

Cass Business School is proud of its strong alumni community which includes 45,000+ alumni across more than 160 countries.  Our alumni are an important part of the Cass Global Women’s Leadership Programme, offering support, mentoring and advice to our current Global Women’s Scholars as well as women across Cass.

As part of a new series celebrating Cass Women, we spoke to valued alumna Anna Faelten, Executive MBA (2011), to hear about her life and career to date.  If you’re a Cass alumna with an interesting story to tell, or would like to nominate another Cass woman for the series, please drop us a line at [email protected].

We caught up with Anna Faelten, Executive MBA (2011) and Associate Partner at EY, to hear about her work and career and how her time at Cass prepared her for a fascinating career in corporate finance.

What led you to choose your particular career?

I absolutely loved my Corporate Finance course during my time as an undergraduate student at Cass. I was that annoying student at the front asking all the questions. That course sparked my initial interest and when I was given an opportunity to help the CEO with an acquisition programme at my first employment I jumped at it. I’ve been involved in transactions one way or the other ever since and never looked back.

What inspired you to study at Cass?

I was set on becoming a doctor but a volunteering gig in Guatemala made me realise I wasn’t cut out for it. My second choice was business, my father started and ran a very successful company so I had seen the ups and downs of his journey. My friend had researched Cass as one of the better institutions in London so we both went there.

How do you apply your Cass experience to your career?

I did my undergraduate degree at Cass, I later worked with Professor Scott Moeller in the M&A Research Centre for six years during which time I completed an Executive MBA. I also started my PhD journey at Cass, which I subsequently completed at Tilburg University in Holland. I also still teach at Cass. So I think it is safe to say I wouldn’t be where I am today without Cass!

What advice would you give to women considering studying here?

I don't think I would give any difference advice to a man or a woman.  Cass is a great institution if you want to learn business and commerce. It is placed at the heart of London which means you can really feel the pulse of the city. The emphasis is on application more than theory, and the professors’ teaching style reflect this. Welcome!

Have you had any particular female role models who have helped or inspired you along the way?

I am inspired by people around me, friends and family, just as much as people I meet in business. If I had to pick someone more famous I’d probably say Michelle Obama.

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