What's your competitive advantage?

Honorary Visiting Fellow, Dr Paul Raspin, will release a new book in December 2018 that focuses on strategy, leadership and management, and entrepreneurship.

The book, “What's Your Competitive Advantage?: 7 strategies for running a more profitable business in a complex world”, will show readers and their businesses how to gain competitive advantage in ways that create and capture more value.

Written with Professor Cliff Bowman of the Cranfield School of Management at Cranfield University, the book is for senior executives, anyone with a business or who wants to learn how to do business strategy, and students, researchers and academics with an interest in strategic management.

Dr Paul Raspin said about his book:

“This book is broadly about helping firms to gain and sustain a competitive advantage. It sets out 7 different strategies that can result in competitive advantage and superior market positions and profitability, and the associated strategic change practices.  The insights into the 7 different strategies are built on research advances into complex systems, and value creation and capture”

He is currently teaching these insights and techniques in his elective module “Managing Value Creation: Linking Strategy and Finance” to MBA students at Cass Business School.

I’ve had the honour to be a visiting senior fellow at Cass since 2010. Since then I’ve taught strategy courses on the Executive and Modular MBA courses. I’ve also developed a unique elective module that integrates two key disciplines critical to value creation and capture. The integration of the strategy and finance disciplines to achieve superior management decisions leading to increased value capture is a central thesis that I’m continuing to research and evolve.

I’ve very proud to be associated with Cass and play a small part in delivering the highest quality educational experience in strategy and finance in the City of London.

For anyone interested in learning more about the book, or attending the book launch, please contact Dr Raspin on paul.raspin@stratevolve.com or LinkedIn.com/in/paulraspin The book will be released through Amazon on 6 December 2018. The official book launch will be on 16 January, 2019, Cass Business School – more details to come.