Insurance Data Science conference held at Cass

Event brings together practitioners and academics.

Cass Business School held its first Insurance Data Science conference this summer.

The Insurance Data Science conference follows on from five iterations of the R in Insurance events, which have the aim of bringing together practitioners and academics together to discuss and exchange ideas and needs in the sector.

Cass was delighted to welcome keynote speakers, Professor Gareth Peters from Heriot-Watt University and Eric Novik, Founder & CEO of Generable.

The conference covered topics on risk assessment, customer analytics, pricing, reserving, capital management, catastrophe and econometric modelling.

The Insurance Data Science conference is a great opportunity to bring together academic and industry leaders, who will explore new developments and applications of cutting-edge techniques in insurance, as well as the bigger picture of how statistical and business practice is transformed with the wide adoption and embedding of digital technologies.

Dr Andreas Tsanakas

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