City student talks Crunch time and her placement year at UBS

Shivani Solanki, (BSc Investment and Financial Risk Management), crunches the numbers on her City experience after Adjustment and this year’s placement at UBS.

Coming to Cass Business School through Adjustment in 2016, Shivani has taken a break from essays on credit risk to implement the change itself at one of the biggest multinational investment banks in the world.

As part of the Credit Risk Team within UBS's Investment Bank, Shivani has spent the last year implementing new regulations on financial data which have been introduced to avoid another financial crisis similar to the one that levelled Lehman Brothers in 2008.

“Implementing change anywhere is challenging, as all banks are having to do this and people can be so set in how things have been so far. However UBS is really pushing this and it is incredible to be a part of the team faced with this challenge.

“I did have a bit of a head start, as I had learnt about stock markets, trader products and bonds in my second year here – it was helpful to have prior knowledge of market risk and risk modelling when implementing new changes at UBS.

Shivani credits her course and offers her advice over Clearing and Adjustment.

“I entered the Investment and Financial Risk Management course with only my A Levels and no real knowledge of business, but the first and second year works well in showing you how stocks and finance works. We use real world scenarios like Brexit, Trump and even the World Cup to analyse impact on the market, so our modules match the industry where change is reactive and so frequent.”

“Coming to university through Adjustment was quite scary as I had no idea what I wanted to do and all my friends had offers. The course is also a little different, so I was a bit unsure on what I was applying for, but when I saw that I would actually be using real world events and studying the current market I realised that this offered me so much more.

Shivani Solanki, (BSc Investment and Financial Risk Management)

“It is important to stay calm when going through Clearing or Adjustment, as there are so many things you can do. It is easy to feel knocked down and disheartened, but there is always a course out there for you and if you look hard enough you will find it!”