Cass online MSc in Global Finance develops your career

Study at Cass wherever you are in the world.

Are you looking to develop your career in Finance by studying for a Masters but wondering how you might be able to find the time to do it?  Or are you keen to study but don’t want to relocate?

Then the online MSc in Global Finance at Cass Business School might be for you.

The online MSc offers all the quality and rigour that you would expect from a Cass specialist Masters combined with the convenience and flexibility of studying online from home, at work or on the move, wherever you are in the world.


It’s structured to be completed within two years of part-time study, covering topics including Bond and Equity Analysis, Investment Strategy, International Finance, Corporate Finance, International Banking, Asset Management, and much more.

Professor Andrew Clare designed the MSc in Global Finance and is the Course Director.

He says the course is designed to develop students’ financial expertise by providing a comprehensive grasp of the principles and theories of finance and their application to real-life corporate situations.

“We believe that the course will give students a thorough and comprehensive understanding of financial markets and of the key participants in those markets.”


Sam Brenton is Director of Digital Learning at Cass and is responsible for the development of the MSc.

He says Cass has developed a high quality model of online teaching which ensures that students receive a rigorous, practical and participative experience equal in quality to the degrees taught on campus.

“In the past, online education was a bit like the old Internet: mainly a medium for publishing information, or content.  These days, the web has become the most powerful communications medium in human history, so we take advantage of its social and collaborative nature in how we teach.  Students receive regular guidance and feedback from our academics, have high levels of practical support, can interact with and learn from each other and feel that they are full members of our vibrant Cass community.

“Everything is laid out clearly: you study one module at a time, each module is broken down into weekly topics and within each weekly topic you will have a mix of short video lectures, readings, case studies, guided discussions, self-test questions, engaging learning activities and live feedback webinars.

“This cycle of content, activity and feedback is at the heart of our model, and it means that every week students get to digest and synthesise new knowledge, to apply that new knowledge in practice, and to get feedback on how they are doing.”


There is careers support throughout the course and students have access to a wealth of online library resources.  Students who are in town are welcome to come along to events or use Cass campus facilities, and everyone will be invited to attend a graduation event in London.

The world of international finance is fast-moving and competitive and there is a proven demand for bright, adaptable, educated professionals with strong financial and analytical skills and up-to-date knowledge informed by the latest research and industry practice:

“The Cass online MSc has the potential to open up global career opportunities for students who have high-level interpersonal skills and analytical skills,” says Sam.


There are three start dates each year for the course, with a dedicated Admissions Officer, John Morrissey, who is available to walk potential students through the applications process and make it as straightforward as possible.  Potential applicants can email him at to express their interest or with any questions.

You can see a brief inside perspective of the course here or read more about it here.