Unruly CEO announced as keynote speaker for Cass Innovate 2017

The event will explore entrepreneurship, innovation and leadership.

Sarah Wood, co-founder and CEO of video ad tech company Unruly, will give a keynote speech at Cass Innovate 2017 (4th May).

Inside Cass Innovate

Cass Innovate will explore crosscutting themes in creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship, and leadership, as well as design and digital.

Delegates will have access to cutting-edge creativity research, best innovation practices, and successful entrepreneurship stories.

Innovation is key to companies competing in today's economic climate. Cass Innovate has been designed for individuals who wish to develop the skills to turn ideas into action.

Neil Maiden, co-founder of the Centre for Creativity for Professional Practice

Sarah’s keynote will close the conference on the 4th May. She has been voted City AM’s Entrepreneur of the Year 2015 and is one of Ad Age's 20 Women to Watch in Europe. A member of Tech City’s Entrepreneur Advisory Panel and a Technology Ambassador for London, she was awarded an OBE in June 2016. She was awarded an Honorary Degree from City, University of London in January 2016.

Cass also welcomes David Gauntlett, Professor of Creativity and Design, and Director of Research, at Westminster School of Media, Arts and Design, University of Westminster, as its opening keynote speaker.

Details of panellists and workshop leaders can be found on the Cass Innovate 2017 webpage: cass.city.ac.uk/cassinnovate-2017

Aurore Hochard, Head of Entrepreneurship Programmes, commented:

“Cass Innovate will offer attendees the chance to hear from, learn from and interact with entrepreneurs and innovators at every stage of their journey – from fledgling start-ups to fully fledged global giants – like Unruly. We are delighted to have a really inspiring programme of speakers, including Sarah Wood and David Gauntlett.”

A cross-disciplinary event

Cass Innovate was born out of the successful Innovation, Creativity and Leadership (ICL) Conferences which have run for the past five years. Devised by members of the Centre for Creativity for Professional Practice, the ICL Conferences were deliberately cross-disciplinary, challenging, and juxtaposed people from science, engineering, business and the arts.

The new rebranded Cass Innovate conference marries the radical vision of the ICL conferences - cross-discipline pollination - with Cass Business School’s strengths in innovation and entrepreneurship

Neil Maiden is Professor of Digital Creativity and co-founder of the Centre for Creativity for Professional Practice, which is based at Cass Business School:

“Whether you work for a big company or for yourself, whether you're an engineer, artist, IT specialist or a designer, it really doesn't matter. What matters is that you are interested in the possibilities that enabling a creative climate can create for you or your company and that you're interested in learning how to manage innovation”.

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