Cass professor awarded 2017 Plain English Media Award

Timely honour for Professor Andre Spicer

Professor Andre Spicer, Cass Business School, has been awarded the Plain English Campaign’s 2017 Media Award for his Daily Telegraph article 'Insidious Management Speak has infected the land, from our boardrooms to our school halls’.

The Plain English Campaign said Professor Spicer’s story was an “excellent article that made a strong and clear case for clarity and accessibility.”

Professor Spicer said he was delighted to win the award.

“Management speak makes simple things complex. It drains the will to live from many office dwellers. By cutting back on business balderdash we could make our organisations more humane and more productive,” he said.

Professor Andre Spicer

Professor Spicer recently published Business Bullsh*t which argues that we need to call out this empty management jargon for what it is. The book examines how organisations have become vast machines for manufacturing, distributing and consuming management jargon and follows how this meaningless language has spread through schools, NGOs, politics and the media.

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