Renowned Chilean mountaineer Dr Rodrigo Jordán gives Cass MBA masterclass

Cass MBA students enjoy special Masterclass with leading mountaineer, social entrepreneur and business man.

Cass Business School recently welcomed Honorary Visiting Professor Dr Rodrigo Jordán to give the closing Leadership Masterclass to its full-time MBA students.

Dr Jordán is Cass’s first Honorary Visiting Professor in Experiential Leadership.  A well-known Mountaineer around the world, he is also a social entrepreneur, business man and communicator.

In 1992, Dr Jordán, who holds a PhD from the University of Oxford, led the first South American group to scale Everest, a feat which prompted Time magazine to name him as one of the “leaders of the next millennium”.  Rodrigo has recently completed his third ascent of Everest, making him the one of three to have summited by all three routes – the other two are Sherpas.

He works with Cass Executive MBAs during their International Consultancy Week in Chile.

Dr Sionade Robinson, Associate Dean of MBA Programmes at Cass said she was delighted to welcome Dr Jordán back to Cass.

“Rodrigo has helped in the development of the optional Leadership Expeditions which have become an intrinsic part of our programmes.  His Leadership Masterclasses to the MBA Programme are based on his mountaineering experiences and receive outstanding feedback from our students. I am delighted we are able to offer our MBA candidates the opportunity to connect with and learn from such an extraordinary individual.”