Shaping the future of fertility

Maria Banti is an Executive MBA alumna and previous scholar of the Bayes Global Women’s Leadership Programme (GWLP). As a clinical embryologist, Maria admits she did not fit the mold of your typical MBA candidate but she knew that this would set her apart from others in the industry and help her find her own leadership style. She soon found herself applying the management techniques and communication styles to her day-to-day life in her role as Laboratory Director during her MBA at Orchid Fertility Centre in Dubai.

Two years after graduating, she is still a valuable member on the GWLP executive board and has used the knowledge and skills from the both the MBA and the Global Women’s Leadership Programme to accelerate her healthcare career as a clinical embryologist, recently launching her new company MyFertility.

The most rewarding aspect of my job comes from helping couples conceive and realise their dream of becoming parents. Our mission is to increase transparency and offer objective data to patients to help them make an informed plan.


Along with her co-founder, Ahmed Amer, the two have utilised their 25 years combined experience and are passionate about making the fertility journey easier for patients and help them make informed decisions. In order to do this, MyFertility offers three key services:

  1. The clinic matcher tool: It provides patients with tailored recommendations for IVF clinics where they have the best chance of success based on their history and align with their budget and needs. This tool uses objective data (clinics success rates as well as patient feedback) in order to help patients make informed decisions.
  2. Access to Experts: Patients can book consultations through our platform with Fertility Specialists, Embryologists, Fertility Coaches and other professionals of the field. We believe that providing access to Experts will empower patients, as they will have the support they need before or even throughout their fertility journey.
  3. Access to diagnostic tools: Patients can order diagnostic tools through the platform delivered to their homes, so they can take the necessary tests in the comfort and privacy of their home.

The business is in the early stages and Maria and Ahmed are working to build their products and services to begin their funding rounds. A crucial step for this is to gather patient feedback from those who have undergone fertility treatment in the UK over the last 5 years, these will be extremely helpful in building out the products and services offered by MyFertility.

If this applies to you, please do support them and complete the questionnaire here.

Reflecting on her time at Bayes, Maria said: “My Executive MBA experience, coupled with the invaluable network and skills earned from the Global Women’s Leadership Programme have been instrumental in bringing MyFertility to life. The business knowledge and strategic perspective gained through my MBA have helped me navigate the complexities of entrepreneurship and make informed decisions.

Also, the GWLP introduced me to a community of inspiring women leaders who have not only been supportive but also their experiences made me more determined and reminded me that no dream is too big”.

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