Work-life balance: Does it exist?

Looking back at the time I started my career; I was a university student working and studying at the same time. In my day, that was a woman’s route to independence. Fast forward 25+ years, I came back to university in January 2020 when I joined the Bayes Dubai Executive MBA Programme (as a scholar of the Global Women's Leadership Programme), this time as a student and career mother of two. Throughout this whole journey, I have learnt many lessons about work-life-balance, and how the lack of it can set one back when all you want is to fast-track your growth.

Studying my Executive MBA

My EMBA journey was both enriching and strenuous, trying in vain to balance the extensive study hours with the demands of family life and working in a global corporation, not to mention the tension COVID-19 added to all the above. Knowing I am not alone in this dilemma, I have organised an event to further explore the topic of a work life balance, to allow students and career women the opportunity to hear from leaders who have literally moved mountains, whether throughout their careers or during the pandemic -a time that was taxing on people’s wellbeing more than ever.

The event: what to expect

‘Work-life balance: does it exist?’ will be hosted both in Dubai and online on Thursday 10th November. We have invited two women based in the Middle East region, who have risen through the ranks of global media and consultancy, achieving phenomenal milestones, not only for themselves, but for other women. We will learn from their experiences and insights, get advice on how we too can navigate through challenges, and understand what the concept of work-life-balance means to them.

We will be asking them about the impact of the pandemic on work-life-balance, getting some life hacks on how we can juggle work and personal priorities, how biases affect women’s growth, how we can seek help and what learnings we can take away for the next challenge.

Having known these women and witnessed their resilience and charm, I am certain that everyone in the audience will be able to walk away with a golden nugget, and at the very least be inspired by what we can achieve for ourselves and for each other.

Please join us on Thursday November 10th, from 6:30-8:00pm GST (2:30-4:00pm GMT) at the DIFC Academy or via livestream. We encourage in-person attendance for our Dubai-based guests, this being the first physical event for GWLP in Dubai since the pandemic, and a wonderful opportunity to network and interact with the panellists, Bayes faculty and fellow alumni.

My experience of the Global Women's Leadership Programme

Last but not least, I would like to acknowledge the Bayes Global Women’s Leadership Programme for creating a platform for women to succeed and lift each other up on the way. Being awarded the programme’s scholarship for women was not only a great honour and privilege, but a source of motivation to pull through and not give up.

Making the decision to commit to the EMBA programme, albeit intuitive in the benefits, was not an easy one. Winning this scholarship meant that no excuse would stop me fulfilling my responsibility to the programme, whilst having the reassurance that a network of remarkable women from around the world were there to support each other and pave the way for all of us to succeed.

Today, I am grateful for one of the best decisions I have made to springboard my career to the next level, and for the opportunity to serve the programme and the great institution behind it.

Looking forward to having you with us on Thursday November 10th for a discussion not to be missed!