Introduction to Banking - second edition of this acclaimed book now available

The second edition of Introduction to Banking, a comprehensive insight into the business of banking, is now available to order.

Introduction to Banking, 2nd edition, is a comprehensive insight into the business of banking. It provides up-to-date information about the impact of the financial crisis upon the global banking sector, and the far-reaching regulatory reforms put in place as a result.

The book covers both theoretical and applied issues relating to the global banking industry, highlighted by examples from Europe, the US, Japan and the emerging markets. This new edition also contains a section on advanced topics in banking.

This new edition:

  • Familiarises students with the recent trends affecting the banking business.
  • Covers contemporary central banking and bank regulation issues comparing the UK, eurozone and the US, providing students with the most up-to-date information on banking practice.
  • Provides a strong focus on bank management issues and prepares students to understand the different financial features of commercial and investment banking business.
  • Outlines recent changes in developed and developing countries' banking and financial systems, familiarising students with different types of banking systems and how global trends impact on different types of banking markets.
  • Covers advanced topics in banking, from the growth of the 'shadow banking system' to bank mergers and acquisition activities, and issues and challenges surrounding the industrial structure of modern banking markets.

The second edition of this acclaimed book, co-authored by Barbara Casu of Cass Business School, City University London, is suitable for all undergraduate students taking a course in banking, as well as professionals entering the banking industry. It can be ordered from the Pearson website.