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Emerging trends in global philanthropy - Some reflections

In this paper Professor Jenny Harrow explores emerging trends in global philanthropy and the challenges they pose for both local and global decision makers.

In this paper emerging trends in global philanthropy are explored, within a broad characterisation of philanthropy, expressing investment, human capacity and spiritual actions. Two central trends are identified: the growth of multiple structures and forms for philanthropy delivery, and the personalisation of philanthropy. The embedded trends of impact review and collaborative working are considered, as well as more nascent trends of philanthropy's learning from its failures and purposeful interactions with beneficiaries. It is argued that philanthropy's multiple forms, such as foundations or social enterprises, are better understood as prototypes, for further development, than as perfected means of philanthropy's delivery on the global scale.

An earlier version of this paper was given as the first thematic lecture for the World Congress of Muslim Philanthropists and Global Door Forum, Kuala Lumpur , April 2012.

This version was accepted for publication in Muslim Philanthropy, The Journal of the Academy of Philanthropy, Special Issue 'Impact Investing and Philanthropy', 2013, 1, 22-28

The full draft research paper is available for download below.


{Emerging trends in global philanthropy: Some reflections}{}