Unusual talent - a study of successful leadership and delegation in dyslexic entrepreneurs

This study examines how ten successful entrepreneurs with dyslexia lead their companies and manage their teams.

It seeks to understand whether dyslexia has shaped the way they organise and manage their ventures, their leadership style, the way they communicate and the way they deal with the people around them, including their employees.

A better understanding is needed about how dyslexia affects adults in the workplace so that the organisations for which they work can help them to reach their full potential for mutual benefit. This research breaks new ground by addressing the lack of evidence to support claims that dyslexia has a positive side which, when harnessed, confers benefits upon the individual and their organisation.

To do this two questions are examined. Firstly, what explains the high proportion of dyslexics among successful entrepreneurs? Secondly, what skills or attributes have given these dyslexic entrepreneurs a head start?

A full working version of the paper is available below.


{Unusual Talent: a Study of Successful Leadership and Delegation in Dyslexic Entrepreneurs}{https://www.bayes.city.ac.uk/__data/assets/pdf_file/0020/358031/dyslexic-entrepreneurs-business-leaders-delegation-leadership-skills.pdf}