PhD Studies

The group is interested in recruiting first class PhDcandidates with interest in empirical as well as analytical research in anyarea of operations and supply chain management. See Research Themes for more information about the topics of interestand active projects.

Current PhD Students

Chang-hun Lee,“How does ‘justice’ and ‘social capital’ matters in supply chain disruptionrecovery?   - Buyer-supplier dyadic perspectives”.

Aikaterini Papoutsi,“Sustainability and the triple bottom line”.

James Knuckles, “Development supply chains”.

Richard Jones, “Business success and theimplementation of enterprise systems”.

Juan Rendon Sanchez, “Structural Combinations of Forecasts”.

Graduated PhD Students

Maryam Lotfi, “Addingresilience to lean and agile supply chains”, completed in 2015.

Melanie A. Houllier, “Integration of liberalised Europeanelectricity markets”, completed in 2015.

Ioulia Bessa, “Flexible work arrangements inGreece: theoretical perspectives and evidence from employers and employees”,completed in 2013.

Patrapa Chadist,“Factors underlying companies' response to supply chain disruption: A groundedtheory approach”, completed in 2012.

Cristinal Vidigal,“Temperature and special events effects on load forecasting with high frequencydata”, completed in 2012.

Byung-Gak Son, “Thefactors influencing the successful supply chain partnerships”, completed in2004.