Bayes Marketing Group

Located in the heart of the City of London, Bayes Business School is where the future of marketing is taking shape. Its Marketing Group is the centre of a vibrant community of students, alumni, marketing practitioners, and policy makers. At Bayes, they meet and converse about daringly novel concepts and robust research initiatives. The Bayes Marketing Group embraces a variety of research traditions that underpin marketing as a discipline, including psychology, sociology, linguistics, and management science in order to generate thought-leading as well as actionable insights into the behaviour of consumers and its implications for contemporary marketing practice.

The expertise of the Marketing Group is as diverse as the realm of consumer behaviour itself, making valuable scholarly contributions to branding, consumer culture theory, consumer decision-making, consumer psychology, marketing communications, risk perceptions, social media, and socially responsible behaviour.

The Bayes Marketing Group is furthermore renowned for its teaching quality and its innovative curricular offerings. For undergraduate, MSc, MBA, and PhD students who have a special interest in the fascinating field of marketing, the marketing faculty’s commitment to teaching excellence ensures a wide mix of formats, such as lectures, business-led challenges, case studies, computer simulations, and readings that guarantee an engaging, hands-on, and real-world learning experience, underpinned by the latest scholarly thinking.

The Group’s primary aim is to develop analytically strong, creatively skilled, inter-culturally savvy, and ethically sensitive marketers who possess the experience, knowledge, skills, and network to stand out in a crowded job market and do well in today’s business and social environments.

Marketing Faculty

Marketing PhD Students

  • Adi Ghosh
  • Narek Grigorian
  • Kirla Ferreira
  • Roma Cusumano
  • Qizheng Chen
  • Kees Smeets
  • Elena Bocchi
  • Chrysa Gkotsi
  • Xiaolan Chen
  • Jiseon Han
  • Sinan He
  • Peng Wang

Former PhD students

  • Christian Eichert
  • Narek Grigorian
  • Nethal Hashim
  • Aleksandra Karpova
  • Andrew Leung
  • Zaichen Li
  • Varala Maraj
  • Thao Nguyen
  • Annelise Sealy
  • Zahra Sharifonnasabi
  • Ghassan Yacoub