Pawel Bilinski
Professor of Accounting, Director of the Centre for Financial Analysis and Reporting Research (CeFARR)

Ga-Young Choi
Lecturer in Accounting

Tan Do
Lecturer in Accounting

Cristina Grande-Herrera
Lecturer in Accounting

Jay Jung
Senior Lecturer in Accounting

Sonia Konstantinidi
Senior Lecturer in Accounting

Art Kraft
Reader in Accounting

Danielle Lyssimachou
Associate Professor in Accounting, and Course Director of BSc Accounting & Finance

Ivana Raonic
Senior Lecturer in Accounting and Finance

Andrew Yim
Senior Lecturer in Accounting

Asset Pricing and Investments

David Blake
Professor of Economics of Pensions

Giovanni Cespa
Professor of Finance

Andrew Clare
Professor of Asset Management

Xiao Han
Lecturer in Finance

Simon Hayley
Senior Lecturer in Finance

Aneel Keswani
Professor of Finance, Course Director of MSc Investment Management and Director of the Centre for Asset Management Research

Ian Marsh
Professor of Finance

Mehrshad Motahari
Lecturer in Finance

Nick Motson
Associate Professor in Finance

Dirk Nitzsche
Senior Lecturer in Finance, Course Director of the MSc Quantitative Finance and Financial Mathematics, and Associate Dean for International Relationships

Richard Payne
Professor of Finance

Kate Phylaktis
Professor of International Finance, and Director of the Emerging Markets Group

Maik Schmeling
Visiting Professor of Finance

Chuanping Sun
Lecturer in Finance

Steve Thomas
Professor of Finance, and Course Director for EMBA and Dubai MBA

Natasha Todorovic
Senior Lecturer in Investment Management

Xiao Xiao
Reader in Finance

Junli Zhao
Lecturer in Finance


Barbara Casu
Professor of Banking, Director of the Executive PhD programme and Head of Faculty of Finance

Daniela Fabbri
Reader in Finance

Angela Gallo
Senior Lecturer in Finance, and Course Director of MSc Banking and International Finance

Vasso Ioannidou
Professor of Finance

Francesc Rodriguez-Tous
Lecturer in Banking

Sotiris K. Staikouras
Senior Lecturer in Banking and Finance

Corporate Finance

Dyaran Bansraj
Lecturer in Finance

Giacinta Cestone
Reader in Finance, and Director of the PhD programme in Finance

Sonia Falconieri
Reader in Finance, and Course Director for MSc in Finance

Meziane Lasfer
Professor of Finance

Scott Moeller
Professor in the Practice of Finance, Executive Director of the M&A Research Centre

Anastasia Richmond
Lecturer in Finance

Paulina Roszkowska
Research Fellow

Anh Tran
Professor of Finance, Academic Director of the M&A Research Centre and Course Director of the Summer School

Francisco Urzúa
Reader in Finance, and Course Director of MSc Corporate Finance

Valeriya Vitkova
Senior Lecturer in Corporate Finance


Ana-Maria Fuertes
Professor of Financial Econometrics

Malvina Marchese
Senior Lecturer in Finance, and Course Director for Undergraduate Finance Degrees

Elisabetta Pellini
Lecturer in Finance

Giovanni Urga
Professor of Finance and Econometrics, and Director of Centre for Econometric Analysis (CEA@Bayes)

Mathematical Finance

Laura Ballotta
Professor of Financial Mathematics

Aleš Cerny
Professor of Finance

Gianluca Fusai
Professor of Mathematical Finance

John Hatgioannides
Professor of Mathematical Finance

Real Estate Finance and Investment

Mark Andrew
Senior Lecturer in Real Estate Finance and Investment

Christopher Bourn
Lecturer in Real Estate Finance and Investment

Stephen Lee
Senior Lecturer in Real Estate Finance

Nicole Lux
Senior Research Fellow and Project Director in Real Estate

Alex Moss
Senior Lecturer in Real Estate

William Rodney
Senior Lecturer in Valuation

Alex Skouralis
Research Assistant in the Real Estate Centre

Sotiris Tsolacos
Professor of Real Estate

Shipping, Trade and Finance

Amir Alizadeh
Professor of Shipping Economics and Finance

Costas Grammenos
Professor of Shipping, Trade and Finance, Founder and Head of International Centre for Shipping, Trade and Finance

Ioannis Moutzouris
Lecturer in Shipping Finance and Analytics

Nikos Nomikos
Professor of Shipping and Risk Management

Nikos Papapostolou
Reader  in Shipping Finance, and Course Director of MSc Shipping, Trade & Finance

Panos Pouliasis
Senior Lecturer in Energy/Commodities Finance

Michael Tamvakis
Professor of Commodity Economics and Finance, and Course Director of MSc Energy, Trade and Finance

Emeritus Professors

Roy Batchelor
Professor (Emeritus) of Banking

Forrest Capie
Professor (Emeritus) of Economic History

Alec Chrystal
Professor (Emeritus) of Money and Banking

David Citron
Professor (Emeritus) of Accounting

Keith Cuthbertson
Professor (Emeritus) of Finance

Stewart Hodges
Professor (Emeritus) of Finance

Mario Levis
Professor (Emeritus) of Finance

Anthony Neuberger
Professor (Emeritus) of Finance

Geoffrey Wood
Professor (Emeritus) of Economics