Since 1983 more than 4200 students from over 160 countries have graduated from The Centre. Many of them have gone on to play leading roles in every kind of market around the world.

Graduates of The Centre work in sectors including:

  • Commercial Banking
  • Commodity Trading
  • Shipping Finance
  • Shipping Operations
  • Government
  • Investment Banking
  • Law
  • Logistics
  • Management and Consultancy
  • Manufacturing
  • Stock Broking
  • Education
  • Energy Companies

The Centre has a strong Alumni Association. Through conferences and other events, students and graduates pursue the Association's aim, which is to strengthen links and to promote networking and employment among its members.

A Greek branch of the alumni, based in Athens, was formally launched in 1988. Alumni meetings also take place among graduates in Cyprus, Hong Kong, and Oslo.

What our graduates say

"After graduating from Columbia University's broader base economics, this specialised shipping, trade and finance course was an eye-opener."

- Nicholas Tsakos, President, Tsakos Energy Navigation and Graduate of The Centre

"As Sverre's younger brother, I became interested in the MSc programme as a result of his experience. The programme is theoretically demanding and requires the student to be focused, but the reward is a unique opportunity to get to know a fascinating industry characterised by rapid change."

- Pål Angell-Hansen, Graduate of The Centre in 1994, Oslo, Norway

"The course combined a commercial and academic ethos which provided me with a strong foundation for a career in finance. The course draws together a great variety of students from a range of backgrounds across the globe, which enabled me to build a network of contacts with the shipping industry."

- Alex RylandSenior Director, Ship Finance at Royal Bank of Scotland, STF Graduate, 1998