Research themes

At MARC, we explore the emerging issues in M&A - globally and across all sectors and industries. We also analyse specific deals.

Our work balances reviews of current trends with anticipation of future developments. By using case studies and lessons from the past, we help M&A practitioners and their clients to identify promising opportunities, avoid trouble spots and increase the chance of doing deals.

Research reports

  • M&A Attractiveness Index 2021
  • M&A Attractiveness Index 2020
  • M&A Attractiveness Index 2019
  • M&A Attractiveness Index 2018
  • M&A Attractiveness Index 2017
  • M&A Attractiveness Index 2017: Russia: Count the Roubles Not the Politics
  • M&A Attractiveness Index 2016
  • M&A Attractiveness Index 2015
  • M&A Attractiveness Index 2014
  • Selling The Story
  • Reverse Takeovers: Are they a viable alternative to IPOs?
  • Successful Dealmaking
  • How They Spend It: A study of corporate cash levels and spending behaviour
  • The First 1,000 Days in the Life of an IPO
  • The Economic Impact of M&A: Implications for UK firms
  • Learning From Your Investors: Shareholder support in M&A transactions
  • M&A Event Trading: The influence of short-term traders
  • What Should I Do Next? CEO Succession, M&A Deals and Company Performance
  • Sharing Risk - A Study of Corporate Alliances
  • The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: A guide to M&A in distressed times
  • There will be blood - The Price of Oil and what it means for M&A
  • Deal closure is the starting point not the end point
  • Does the Early Bird Always get the Worm?
  • For the Buck or for the Future
  • Let's Keep this Private: The Growing Evidence Behind Improving M&A Returns
  • Hedge Funds: Stock Pickers or Managers?
  • Pensions: Now something more to worry about (for dealmakers)
  • Megatrends: Deal Drivers of European M&As
  • Let’s Stay in Touch: The Carve-out Option for Conglomerates
  • The Goldilocks Effect: Industry-relatedness and M&A
  • How, and when, to catch a falling knife: The Benefits, Risks, and Timing Issues Around Distressed M&A
  • Are they Listening? An M&A Approach to Dividend Catering
  • Power Plays - an M&A approach to Market Concentration
  • Playing the long game: Do certain UK financial advisors bring longer term value to the M&A table
  • Cross-Fertilising in Cross-sector Deals: The Value of Industry Experience of Target Firms’ CEOs
  • Barbarians at the Gate: Banking on Fintech Disruption and a New M&A Boom in the Financial Services Sector
  • Winning Hearts & Minds: A Guide to Successful Mergers in the UK not-for-profit sector
  • Green Business: The Environmental Impact of M&A
  • Green Business: The Environmental Impact of M&A Including Case Studies
  • Tech Takeovers: Understanding M&A’s New Digital Playbook
  • Greenbacks & Paybacks: Capitalising on Exchange Rates in Cross-border M&A
  • FoMO (Fear of Missing Out): The Role of Corporate Venture Capital in M&A and Corporate Survival
  • The Art of Letting Go: Successful Divestment Strategies in an Uncertain World
  • Good Business: Assessing ESG best practice for more sustainable M&A success
  • Good Business: The impact of cross-border M&A deals on emerging markets ESG ratings

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