Innovation community focus

We aim to sustain and further develop the engagement with the innovation communities. Being part of the thriving City of London and Tech City communities around us offers numerous opportunities for our academics and students. We will engage with these communities through the development of joint research projects, events, web presence and publications. At a higher level, we will aim to promote a culture of viewing challenges as opportunities for generating ideas and translating them into new products, processes, and services. Also, and most importantly, we will contribute to the narrowing of economic development, gender, entrepreneurship, and innovation gaps in the world through education and idea sharing. More specifically, we aim to:

  • Push forward the academic research areas outlined in the Academic Research section, while we develop emerging themes or address topical issues as they arise from our interactions with our community. Also, we will write white papers, reports and short commentaries or press articles. The primary medium for dissemination of Bayes X activities will be through its dedicated website to showcase research and events, with features to foster regular viewing (e.g. blogs, commentary on related topics).
  • Develop an events programme. We will host two recurrent conferences per year where we will showcase cutting-edge research and the latest ideas on innovation from thought leaders in academia, industry, government and supranational organizations. The aim of these events will be to help start-ups, corporations, governments and supranational organisations implement and share innovation solutions.
  • Educate and inspire future disruptive innovators through programmes (and teaching cases) as well as our visiting scholars and Bayes X fellows’ programmes.