The Centre for Innovation and Disruption (Bayes X) aims to become a world-leader in innovation education and research. Working closely with its research fellows, Bayes X serves as a dynamic and intellectual hub for disruptors and members of the community interested in innovation in both start-ups, corporate and public sector domains.

Bayes X has two primary objectives:

  • To act as an industry forum for the dissemination of rigorous academic research into practical industry applications.
  • To develop education offerings (e.g. Executive Education) delivered by members of the Centre through the development of unique/specific knowledge (tools, teaching cases, etc.).


We seek to explore hard research problems in the process of innovation. Bayes X aims to generate new thinking in the area of innovation via cutting-edge research and new programmes, to train the next generation of innovative and entrepreneurial leaders and achieve community outreach. The Centre is focusing on ‘hard’ research problems that are highly relevant to entrepreneurs, innovators, financiers and policymakers.