Published papers

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Prof. Manthos Delis

  • Management estimation in banking (with M. Iosifidi and M. Tsionas). European Journal of Operational Research, 2020 forthcoming.
  • Enforcement actions on banks and the structure of loan syndicates (with M. Iosifidi, S. Kokas, S. Ongena, and D. Xefteris). Journal of Corporate Finance, 2020, forthcoming.
  • Democracy and credit (with I. Hasan and S. Ongena). Journal of Financial Economics, 2020, forthcoming.
  • Profit shifting and tax-rate uncertainty (with I. Hasan and P. Karavitis). Journal of Business Finance and Accounting,2020,  forthcoming.
  • Mortgage lending discrimination across the U.S.: New methodology and new evidence (with P. Papadopoulos). Journal of Financial Services Research, 2020, forthcoming.

Prof. Ana-Maria Fuertes

  • Speculative Pressure Journal of Futures Markets,2020 forthcoming (with J. Fan, A. Fernandez-Perez, and J. Miffre).

Prof. Lucio Sarno

  • “Business Cycles and Currency Returns,” with Riccardo Colacito and Steven Riddiough, Journal of Financial Economics, 2020,forthcoming
  • “Risky Bank Guarantees,” with Taneli Makinen and Gabriele Zinna, Journal of Financial Economics, 2020, forthcoming .


Prof. Manthos Delis

  • Enforcement of banking regulation and the cost of borrowing (with Y. Deli, I. Hasan, and L. Liu). Journal of Banking and Finance, 101 (2019), 147-160.
  • The income elasticity of mortgage loan demand (with I. Hasan and C. Tsoumas).Financial Markets, Institutions & Instruments 28 (2019), 115-139.
  • On the effect of business and economic university education on political ideology: Empirical evidence (with M. Iosifidi). Journal of Business Ethics, 155 (2019), 809-822.

Prof. Ana-Maria Fuertes

  • 2019      Uncovered Equity “Disparity” in Emerging Markets Journal of International Money and Finance, 98, 102-166 (with K. Phylaktis and C. Yan).
  • 2019      A Comprehensive Appraisal of Style-Integration Methods Journal of Banking and Finance, 105, 134-150 (with A. Fuertes, A. Fernandez-Perez, and J. Miffre).

Reader Piotr Korczak

  • Paula Hill, Adriana Korczak, Piotr Korczak “Political Uncertainty Exposure of Individual Companies: The Case of the Brexit Referendum”, Journal of Banking and Finance 100, March 2019, 58-76

Kate Phylaktis

  • “Uncovered Equity “Disparity” in Emerging Markets” co-authored with Ana-Maria Fuertes, and Cheng Yan, Journal of International Money and Finance, 2019, November, Volume 98, Article 102066.
  • “Global liquidity, house prices and policy responses” co-authored with Chiara Banti, Journal of Financial Stability, 2019, August43:79-96.

Prof. Lucio Sarno

  • “When Is Foreign Exchange Intervention Effective? Evidence from 33 Countries,” with Marcel Fratzscher, Oliver Gloede, Lukas Menkhoff and Tobias Stoehr, American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics, 11(1), pp. 132-156, 2019


Prof. Manthos Delis

  • Accounting quality in banking: The role of regulatory interventions (with I. Hasan, M. Iosifidi, and L. Li). Journal of Banking and Finance 97 (2018), 297-317.

Prof. Gulnur Muradgolu

  • “Enhancing Momentum Investment Strategy using Leverage” with C. F. Rodriguez and Sivaprasad S., Journal of Forecasting, 2018,37(5), 573-588.
  • “Do International Institutions Affect Financial Markets?: Evidence from the Greek Sovereign Debt Crisis”, Gogstad, M., Kutan, A., Muradoglu, G., European Journal of Finance, 2018, 24, 584-605.

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