What we do

Emerging markets have become an integral part of global business and finance. Anyone engaged in international business needs to understand the forces driving this trend.

The Emerging Markets Group (EMG) at Bayes Business School exists to perform thought-leading research into Foreign Exchange and Financial Markets, with emphasis on emerging markets.

In doing so, EMG brings together internationally respected academics, professionals and organisations through discussion groups, workshops and conferences.

We also provide specialist consultancy on the economic and financial environment of emerging markets to the financial services industry, international organisations, regulatory authorities and governments.

This makes us an ideal home for research students interested in international capital markets.

Our team of experts in foreign currency, financial markets and emerging markets are regular commentators in the international and national media.

Professor Phylaktis took part in the webinar organised by Capital Group on “How will the emerging markets transform our future world”.

Professor Phylaktis shared her view about China’s economic standing in the global economy at the time of the winter Olympics in the global publication The Conversation. The article “As China welcomes the world to Winter Olympics, its economy is ever more isolated from the west”.

Join the Emerging Markets Group

You are welcome to become part of a group drawn from some of the world's most influential academics and financial organisations. Our partners include the European Central Bank,  Bank of England, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the Bank of International Settlements, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund.